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Watergate 2. Coming Soon to a TV Near You.

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Pictures on March 23rd, 2007 12:15 pm by HL

Saw this on Bartcop.com

Bush and Nixon, just like each other

2 Responses to “Watergate 2. Coming Soon to a TV Near You.”

  1. Jim Says:

    Would love to see chimp boy and his cronies behind bars for “life” Makes me wonder why Bush bought all that land in Paraguay. 😉

  2. Buck Says:

    Contempt of Congress

    In order for someone to be convicted of contempt of Congress, the congressional committee which has suffered the contempt first reports a resolution that the affected individual is guilty of contempt. This takes a majority vote of the committee. The full United States House of Representatives or United States Senate then must approve the resolution, which sends the matter to an assistant United States attorney or higher with the Department of Justice, who may call a grand jury to decide whether to indict the affected individual, and prosecute if the grand jury affirms an indictment. This version of the procedure was put into place in 1857 and exists in order to provide a balance of power so the House and Senate cannot RUN AMOK and JAIL all their POLITICAL opponents with contempt charges, also to be within the restrictions laid out in the United States Constitution that Congress cannot pass a Bill of attainder, and declare someone criminally guilty without trial. The Congress is also RESTRICTED in that contempt citations can only be brought on matters that relate to legislative purposes within the jurisdiction of the committee that brings the charges.

    Well, well, well! Looks like more liberal democratic hot air is polluting the environment! Call doctor Gore!! ha ha ha ha. It would appear to me H.L. that the fireings of the US attorneys is perfectly within the powers of the president , so these matters do not relate to any legislative purpose and Patrick Leahy damn well knows it. So keep reaching brother. Yall are keeping me mightily entertained. Yall are so eager to get someone under the microscope, to get some republican under the gun to get back for the ingnorant stupidity and arrogant lack of leadership of the Clintoons! That is what this is all about! And yall are ALL going to fail. Thats rights libs…FAIL…and I will be there. So will my fellow Texan W. And McCain and Fred Thompson!! Im laughing H.L. Patrick Hypocrit Leahy would supeana a possum if he thought he could snag a republican!!!!! ha ha ha ha . Bring it on!!!!