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US Sent Over 360 Tons of Cash To Iraq – Insurgents May Have Gotten Hands on Some.

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on February 7th, 2007 10:19 am by HL

U.S. sent pallets of cash to Baghdad-

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S.
Federal Reserve sent record payouts of more than $4 billion in cash to Baghdad on giant pallets aboard military planes shortly before the United States gave control back to Iraqis, lawmakers said on Tuesday.
Bills weighing a total of 363 tons were loaded onto military aircraft in the largest cash shipments ever made by the Federal Reserve, said Rep. Henry Waxman (news, bio, voting record), chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.
“Who in their right mind would send 363 tons of cash into a war zone? But that’s exactly what our government did,” the California Democrat said during a hearing reviewing possible waste, fraud and abuse of funds in
On December 12, 2003, $1.5 billion was shipped to Iraq, initially “the largest pay out of U.S. currency in Fed history,” according to an e-mail cited by committee members.
It was followed by more than $2.4 billion on June 22, 2004, and $1.6 billion three days later. The CPA turned over sovereignty on June 28.


Democrats led by Waxman also questioned whether the lack of oversight of $12 billion in Iraqi money that was disbursed by Bremer and the CPA somehow enabled insurgents to get their hands on the funds, possibly through falsifying names on the government payroll.

H.L.s Take
So the US is shipping giant skids of cash to Iraq that are now (possibly) winding up in the hands of the people who are killing our soldiers over there. This sounds like the work of George W. Bush, and Big Dick Cheney. Are Bush and Cheney funding the insurgents so that they can keep killing our soldiers, so we can drag the war on forever, so Bush and Dick can make even more cash for their friends at Halliburton, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing. A while back there was a story about tons of missing explosives that the insurgents got their hands on. Bush and Cheney are sure making it easy on the insurgents.
I wonder if these shipments of cash are part of this (also from 2003)

Military waste under fire $1 trillion missing –

SF Chronicle
The Department of Defense, already infamous for spending $640 for a toilet seat, once again finds itself under intense scrutiny, only this time because it couldn’t account for more than a trillion dollars in financial transactions, not to mention dozens of tanks, missiles and planes.

H.L.s Take
1 Trillion Dollars Missing, not to mention tanks and planes. How do you lose a tank or a plane??? Maybe they shipped them to Iran to help fund the Iranians to keep that war dragging on forever. My congressional representative Henry Waxman will get to the bottom of this. Thats why Hollywood keeps voting for him.

2 Responses to “US Sent Over 360 Tons of Cash To Iraq – Insurgents May Have Gotten Hands on Some.”

  1. Buck Says:

    Since coming to Congress, Chairman Waxman has earned the reputation of being an expert on Middle East policy and an effective proponent of American aid to guarantee Israel’s security and survival.

    Lets see what else we got!!

  2. Buck Says:

    Edwards Pledges Allegiance
    Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards is out on the stump:

    “Iran is serious about its threats,” former US Senator John Edwards has told an audience in Israel.

    “The challenges in your own backyard – represent an unprecedented threat to the world and Israel,” the candidate for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination told the Herzliya Conference, referring mainly to the Iranian threat.

    I don’t know about New Hampshire, but I’d say Edwards is off to a strong start in Tel Aviv.

    After opening his speech with great praise for Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Edward’s continued to express great appreciation for the Israeli people and the special bond between the two countries, saying it was “a bond that will never be broken.”

    H.L.s Take
    Yet another Democrat that puts Israel before The United States. We ship Israel billions of dollars in aid every year (thats the tax money that comes out of your paycheck every week) Israel in returns funnels that money back to our politicians in the form of “campaign donations.” The politicians use that money to get elected so they can continue to put the wants of Israel above the needs of the people that voted them in. All so Israel can continue it’s hatred and persecution of anyone in the region who is not Israel, but shhhh to state the obvious is considered anti-semitism, by pro israelis. Must be nice to always have a built in attack response to anyone who does not agree with your war mongering.

    H.L. ha ha ha ha ! I dont agree with you partner on jack shit but I am learning tactic from you!!

    That war mongering Waxman! How dare he agree with me and Bush huhhh??? Buck out!!!