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Speaking of Mary….

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts), Pictures on December 20th, 2006 9:30 am by HL

Speaking of Mary Cheney, Here is the latest from Pixwit

Push, Mary, push! Ohmigod, he’s the spitting image of his grandad!

he looks just like dick

7 Responses to “Speaking of Mary….”

  1. onthefence Says:

    Cheney is the man who went to see the ‘info’ man to find out how the private sector could help the government post 9/11. I can’t think of the name of the man, but basically he has the most massive amount of stored information on consumers in the world. And he turned it all over to Cheney. I’m sure there was brainstorming & collaborative efforts in order to advance the ’cause’. Ever noticed how u can’t go through any traffic signal without a camera being in your face. Cheney is just helping the hell-bent governmental cause to control the people through suppression & tyranny under the guise of ‘our own good’.

    Just like when Bill Clinton said,””We could give it all back to you and hope you spend it right… But … if you don’t spend it right, here’s what’s going to happen. In 2013 — that’s just 14 years away — taxes people pay on their payroll for Social Security will no longer cover the monthly checks… I want every parent here to look at the young people here, and ask yourself, ‘Do you really want to run the risk of squandering this surplus?’ ”
    Source: Washington Times, January 21, 1999

    It makes sense. It’s the government saying Us vs. them. It’s not not like they are acting like they are 1 of us! There has been a separation of the people from the state. Just like church & state.

    Who is getting the most profit from the Bush taxcuts? Who is getting the most profits from the Bush wars? Who is paying the highest price?

  2. Buck Says:

    How I would have spent it is none of Clinton’s business! Or his dictator wife’s businees!

    Part of the beauty of America is the freedom we from each orther! The freedom I fully intend to exercise unabated by the caremakers! These kind of people make me nervous! (Regulatus taxatus dictatus) is as un- American as it gets! I think everyone should have a taxcut! Rich poor and middle class! Its a matter of principle! To those who think owing something to your fellow man should be a universal principle! Jump back, and respect my freedom from you or we shall joust! Spill out your guts, and close out your bank accounts all you bleeding hearted folk! I will take a passl I like different classes of people! Keeps the economic machine going! America is a land of many finish lines! “Some will win…..Some will loose… Some of us just sing the blues”!

    Im proud to NOT be jealous of rich people! And even prouder to have pitty for those that do!

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ! Buck out!!!!

  3. Outlaw Says:

    It depends on who you talk to. Some say that it is the richest 5% that profit by spending $44,000 less in taxes and they are the same people that think that it is unfair that they make as much money as they do and refuse to admit that that 5% also pays 80% of the total federal tax per year. Others say that it helps the middle class more than the rich giving them about $1500 more of their money back. So it just gets down to who you want to ask. I personaly think that there should be a flat tax straight across the board than this crap of the middle class pays more than the rich will end because they will all pay the same. But than they will still find a way to say that it is unfair the rich need to pay more. They made the money it is their right to keep as much of it as they want. But the Libs wont tell you that they think they should give more. You want to read a good artcle about giving and the libs and cons and rich, middle class, and working poor than read this. You will learn alot about people.

  4. onthefence Says:

    Cheney asked, “How can the private sector help us?” Is there anything they don’t know about us now?

  5. onthefence Says:

    Buck==>It’s not about being jealous, it’s about them pretending that the taxcuts help all of us when it’s not true! It’s about our government NOT helping our people! The question is Why did we go to war in Iraq? Why? Who has been helped? Not the average American citizen. The money wasted on this war would have paid for a missile defense system. It’s not about the rep/dem/con/lib, it’s about the American government vs. the American people. I don’t feel represented in this country! I’m feeling more & more alienated by the government! And I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way.

  6. Outlaw Says:

    Well onthefence I’ll bet they don’t know what size clothes you have and they really don’t care. They don’t know your health,hobbies,habits,likes,dislikes,music you like. You want me to go on. You are 1 of 300 million you think you are that important that they will know every little thing about you and care. NOT There isn’t one data bank in the US big enough to keep that kind of info on every person in the country.

  7. Buck Says:

    onthefence, it IS about jealousy! That is what drives the democratic party! It is what makes them what and who they are! It is all natural! It is ALL that they are about! I have always looked down on it and always will!

    Now! Goverment vrs us: Not the case! Inside America it is us vrs. us! It is true that certain factions within the goverment do not represent what I believe! Certain factions DO represent what I believe! These factions tend to be party affiliated! The democratic party in NO WAY represents anything I believe! Most of what the republicans believe I believe! So, if your tax cut did not help you CAN I HAVE YOURS? I will take a check, cash or money order! Speaking for orther people is another problem I have with democrats who talk as If we are all tied together! They are tied together inside North Korea, we are not inside America!! You might not like your tax cut but orthers do! We now have a missile defense system deployed thanks to Bush and it aint like the democrats would use my tax cut for missile defense IF THEY got their slimey hands on it! Millions of redstaters feel like me and we aint going anywhere except to the polls on presidential election day when foreign policy voters come out in droves! So onthefence, vote with us! Or Vote against us! Or stay at the house and be disgusted with ALL of us when orther voters decide for you!

    Why did we go into Iraq? I see your point! Since there was no paper trail and fingerprint proof that Saddam was involved with Al Qaida well then that must mean that there wasnt any huhhh? It must mean that this is NOT a global war on terrorism! The taliban did not attack america did they?? Why then that could only mean we should not have went into Afghanistan! That could only mean Saddam DID not really gas the kurds! And that could only mean Iran wants to blow themselves up with nukes! Yeah right!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Buck out!