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BUSH AND HIS WAR ARE GRATE-ing on Soldiers Morale.

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on December 12th, 2006 9:41 am by HL

Life in Iraq grates on soldiers’ morale

RAWAH, Iraq – Almost none has heard of the Iraq Study Group, and though a few know that Donald Rumsfeld is out as defense secretary, the name Robert Gates draws blank stares.
While much of America broods over the future of a bloody, expensive and increasingly unpopular war, the Marines and soldiers fighting it in the volatile cities and vast deserts of western Iraq say the big picture doesn’t concern them —
McAndrew and the other members of Company D live in a three-story police station that looks luxurious from the outside but has no running water, power that comes for a few hours than goes out for days and very little heat — even as temperatures plunge well below freezing.
The outpost takes mortar and machine gun fire and rocket attacks every few days, insurgents stash roadside bombs and the recent announcement of a death sentence against Saddam prompted a wave of attacks against American forces here.
The battalion has had three Marines killed and 80 wounded since arriving in September

H.L.s Take:
They don’t know about the Iraq study group, or even that Rumsfeld is out, and another Bush Yes man is in…but they do know that the war is a joke of a debacle, and that they should not be there. Maybe Bush should consult with some of these guys instead of the Iraq Study Group

10 Responses to “BUSH AND HIS WAR ARE GRATE-ing on Soldiers Morale.”

  1. MinorRipper Says:

    Great post, thanks. Don’t know if you’ve seen this David Letterman clip with Our Fearless Leader in it, but its pretty funny–

  2. Travis Says:

    Our poor soldiers have been lied to for so long…its sad,really. when you try and stand up for them and protest the war, your labeled un-American.

  3. LA Says:

    While the assholes that promote war never enlist, fight or send their kids to die. Nice system when it’s free and it don’t cost you any blood.

  4. SA Says:

    LA, I still picture you with shoelaces hanging out of your mouth; but, nevertheless I still await your question to me: not some truly slanderous line of tacky crap. By the way, do you have any friends?

  5. Buck Says:

    LA, it sounds like your saying that America has not sacrificed blood and treasure for freedom! Or that the service of my grandfather was not good enough for me to hold this position!

    Hey LA, Im getting tired of YOU telling people that are not in the military that support the war to go join up! Millions of us have had relatives that have served in orther wars, so we can damn well hold this position! Your sorry ass has just as much freedom as we! Besides that you are for Jihad against Israel! Well, dont just stand there! Get your sorry stupid ass over there and strap on a bomb, instead of wanting the your comrades to do the blowing up! Your chicken shit of Israel! Hezzbollah needs your service, and your mouth awaits the company of your money!

  6. LA Says:

    Meantime Buck and SA apoligize for Israel. How nice? If ou love Israel so much, you should go there and take your shit, family and whatever and enlist.

    I don’t want my country’s soldiers fighting Israeli wars. Period.

    I have USMC service in my family. And what does that mean? Nothing in the context of being anti-war. You idiots scream “freedom” and “terror”; the typical propaganda tool. You folks are tools. Nothing else.

    Speaking of jihad, better it be against people like you. The world would be a better place. Bye-bye!

  7. Buck Says:

    CAIRO, Egypt – In a recording broadcast on Arab satellite networks Thursday, a man who identified himself as Osama bin Laden offered a “truce” to European countries that do not attack Muslims, saying it would begin when their soldiers leave Islamic nations.
    Remember, Islamic law is quite specific about truces. They can only be concluded for a temporary period, so that the Islamic forces can gather strength. Thus this offer, whoever is really making it, may indicate that the mujahedin are feeling the heat of the war on terror in Iraq, and want to give their forces a chance to regroup and regain the upper hand.

    The tape, which ran in full at more than seven minutes, also vowed revenge against America for the Israeli assassination of a militant Palestinian leader and denounced the United States as using the Iraq war for corporate profiteering.

    “I announce a truce with the European countries that do not attack Muslim countries,” the taped message said as the stations showed an old, still picture of al-Qaida leader.

    There was no way to verify the speaker’s identity.

    Several audio and video tapes of al-Qaida’s No. 2, Ayman al-Zawahri, have been released in recent months, but Thursday’s tape was the first purportedly from bin Laden since September. Then, a video tape showed bin Laden climbing down a craggy mountainside with al-Zawahri.

    Ayman Gaballah, editor of Al-Arabiya, said only that the pan-Arab television network received the tape from “our sources.” He would not say if the tape was received at its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates or in a bureau elsewhere, such as Pakistan or Afghanistan.

    “From the voice, it seems it is bin Laden, but we are not experts to confirm it,” Gaballah said.

    Al-Jazeera, a Qatar-based satellite station, also aired the tape in full. Its chief editor wasn’t immediately available for comment.

    The latest message said “the door to a truce is open for three months.” This time frame, the voice said, could be extended. “The truce will begin when the last soldier leaves our countries,” the speaker said without elaborating.

    “They say that we kill for the sake of killing, but reality shows that they lie,” the speaker said.

    Russians, he said, were only killed after attacking Afghanistan in the 1980s and Chechnya, Europeans after invading Iraq and Afghanistan and the Americans in New York after “supporting the Jews in Palestine and their invasion of the Arabian Peninsula.”

    Osama apparently declined to explain all the jihads that were waged since the founding of Islam, long before the Soviet Union attacked Afghanistan and even before the founding of the State of Israel.

  8. Buck Says:

    LA, you have hit the floor! Jihad against me? Well if Osama Bin laden cant explain about all the orther Jihads, maybe you can take up the slack for him! Seeing as how yall believe the same shit and all!

    LA, dont go away mad. Just…………………………..Go away!

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  9. LA Says:

    Didn’t even bother the BS story you posted. No citation = no credibility. As usual, you post nothing but puff!!!

    Kinda like pixie dust.

  10. Outlaw Says:

    LA Im sure that the USMC in your family just loves the hell out of you bashing them or do you not tell them that this is a BS war that they are fighting. And your BS about everyone that doesn’t agree with you being a Israeli supporter is old. That is all you can say any moreh. Ya need to come up with some better stuff or have you run out of things in your play book so you just keep reverting back to the old things. Just like the Dem’s same play book never changes.