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Russ Feingold Again intoduces Legislation For Iraq Pullout

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on November 17th, 2006 2:31 pm by HL

A Way Out Of Iraq by Sen. Russ Feingold

On Tuesday, I introduced legislation requiring U.S. forces to redeploy from Iraq by July 1, 2007. My legislation recognizes that a target date for the redeployment of U.S. troops from Iraq will help pressure the Iraqis to get their political house in order. Simply announcing when we will begin redeployment, without any end date, is unlikely to put adequate pressure on the Iraqis.

A target date isn’t just critical to our Iraq policy, it is essential for our national security policy. We cannot adequately focus on the pressing national security challenges we face around the globe when so many of our brave troops are in Iraq, and so many billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars are being spent there. A timetable ensures that we can refocus our resources on fighting terrorist networks and on addressing trouble spots around the world that threaten our national security.

Because problems in Iraq won’t dry up overnight, my legislation would allow for a minimal level of U.S. forces to remain in Iraq for targeted counterterrorism activities, training of Iraqi security forces, and the protection of U.S. infrastructure and personnel.

H.L.s Take:
Russ won’t run for President, but we get Tom Nosack to run. What is wrong with this country?

16 Responses to “Russ Feingold Again intoduces Legislation For Iraq Pullout”

  1. Buck Says:

    Go ahead and vote for Hillary because she believes this dumb sh*t as well H.L. Osama will make a tape that day declaring victory over America and Iraq! We had better stay off the white flag bus. Russ can keep it to himself!

    Just hop on the buss Russ!

    Targeted punk out dates, and cut-and-run deadlines! What the hell??

    America will be there until it is ALL done! Get used to it!!!!!!!! Do you hear me PEOPLE????

  2. HL Says:

    Hey Buck, I got news for you….Osama is dead, has been for at least the last 3 years. Those guys in those “tapes” that osama releases are lookalikes, you can see the difference every time. Notice how he doesn’t even release videotapes anymore. He releases audio tapes now.
    so people cant look at them and laugh at Bush for the phoniness of it all. Notice how nowadays when one of these tapes comes out no one even pays attention anymore. Because they all know what BS it is. Bush will never admit that Osama is dead because then his scary scary boogeyman will lose all his power. (he already has with everyone except the scaredest of the scared) Its a win-win for me. I can continue to pound Bush for never finding Osama, (which I predicted in public on September 12, 2001, unfortunately it was before the HL existed, it would have been my greatest prediction ever) and knowing he never will, and at the same time not have to worry about him because he is dead.

  3. lmz90028 Says:

    I don’t let Osama make my election decisions for me.

  4. Buck Says:

    Osama is NOT dead! He is probably in Tehran where he has been all along! Ahmadinijad meets with him I have NO doubt! Im sure Iran facilitates EVERYTHING! Is there proof? Who gives a sh*t! They are part of the war on terror! As is Iraq! As is Afghanistan! Paper trails, paper trails, paper trails. There does not have to be finger print proof for everything! This is idiot logic that comes from my friends on the left ALL the time! H.L. have you ever had somebody screw you over something but just had no way to prove it? Sure you have! We all have! When Bin Laden attacked America he did it representing Al qaida and all the orther radical islamic terrorist groups. I KNOW Saddam had WMDs. I know you do too H.L. Just aint no way to prove it is there? I know Alqaida has relations with Iran and Syria! There just aint no way to prove it. It will be the dumb sumbitches that want to wait around to find out H.L. Get used to a proactive and wise America whos current leader knows preemption is the best way to deal with the global war on terror! Dont be one of the waiters! Dont be one of the wonderers! GO USA USA USA USA!!! Buck out!!!

  5. LA Says:

    Whether he’s dead or alive doesn’t matter. The whole thing is nothing but a staged show and sheeple like Buck believe the tired story. OBL (Goldstein) was used to scare America into war. It was believeable at the time. No one would ever think that internal forces managed 911. It wasn’t the stooges that were set up to take the blame. Very much like Oswald was set up to be the JFK assasin. Then conveniently, he gets offed by Jack Ruby. Just another coincidence.

    You can hold unto the WMD fairlytale for ever — don’t forget to put your cookies out for Santa. No credible scientist, arms expert have concluded that there were WMDs. That entire notion was based on the lies fed to the WH through the Office of Special Plans. Cheney, Libby, Feith, Perle, Wolfowitz and the DC think tanks made that argument to support war. But no WMDs found becuase they never existed.

    If you want to find WMDs in the ME, go to Israel. That’s where they’re at.

    Your claim to know is just that. A claim and nothing more. You fail…no evidence!

  6. LA Says:

    Advice to Feingold: be careful when you fly.

  7. Buck Says:

    Again, paper trails and finger prints. Evidence for every dirty deed! It dosent work like that LA! Read between the lines! Enemies are smarter than that! They can screw us with out there being EVIDENCE that they screwed us! Which in the end makes the war on terror very, very, very broad in scope! Americans dont have to CARE why they dont like us! We DO care why they kill us! To most of us the reasons they dont like us are not GOOD enough to kill us! I exclude you of course LA in that! So, killing us is plenty good reason for us to come bomb them! If they dont like Israel, it is just too go**am bad! They had better bite the bullit and give up Jerusalem! Or they have a bigger problem! ……….THE USA!!!!! Buck out!!!

  8. LA Says:

    “Enemies are smarter than that!” How close to the truth you’ve come this time. Now, work on figuring out who the enemy is. I’ve told you in many posts who you got to watch.

    “They don’t like us.” That sounds like something a child would say. You really believe that people don’t like us because we’re Americans? You got to be kidding that you still hang on to that. That is true ignorance.

    Yes, people hate Bush and his “government.” Even Americans do, as I do.

    As I’ve told you before, since you so much support war, go to f**king Iraq or Israel, enlist and get your ass into the battlefield. Put your ass where your mouth is.

  9. Buck Says:

    Do you tell that to everone that supports the war on Terror? Your blind as a bat! I can enjoy the freedoms they provide wether you are doing your mushrooms or not! You go join Jihad! Go kiss Iran’s supreme leaders ass up and down! You already said that you approve of any and all harm that might come to Israel! Put your chickenshit money where YOUR mouth is! You dont believe in war, unless it is pussy Jihad against Israel! Go Jihad brother, go Jihad! Go over there and strap on one of them idiot kits and BLOW yourself up! Do you believe in Jihad? Do you want to see Israel go down?? Go do your part! Go join them islamic heathern basterds! You know what! Your in America! We support Israel here! Try something here if you dare??? Again, its a pleasure to prove you wrong! Later LA!!!

  10. smokey Says:

    LA Let me tell ya something u are in calie sorry for that but we are in TEXAS. rules are diff here u need 2 stay in dem,lib,calie till u get out of school. in texas i could shoot u say i though was Binladen and get away with it SCOT FREE!!!!!!!!

  11. LA Says:

    Buck, you’re classic! I give you credit. You’re just like Bush and Reagan, you stick to the script. Do you want a job in Hollywood?

  12. LA Says:

    Smokey ==> Try outrunning a nine!

  13. Buck Says:

    Man, Im an absolute capitalist! Freedom and money talks, communism and bullshit walks! If you can land me a job in hollywood I WILL TAKE IT! I would love my own talk show! Man you want to talk about doing some damage. I could even get hollywood to finance it!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

    Carefull, Smokey dont play! I have always got a spare SKS assault rifle! 9mms are for popping and bailing! SKS’s are for holding, not bailing and folding! Dumb and dumber dude, dumb and dumber!!!

  14. Buck Says:

    Hey, I went and rounded up Smokey ! Here he is chump!!!

  15. smokey 1 Says:

    what is up man

  16. Buck Says:

    Yeah what is up???