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The Only Reason To Vote Republican…

Posted in Email, Main Blog (All Posts), Videos on November 7th, 2006 6:22 pm by HL

send it on inFrom Teresa

It’s scary, isn’t it? Little local political humor to ease the nerves:
Keep it up

H.L. Responds:
Theresa, Having Bush and the Republicans around does make for some easy material. I ‘m perfectally willing to take my chances with the democrats. They do some pretty funny stuff too sometimes, plus we still have 2 more years of Bush. You know the Dems won’t impeach him IF They win.

3 Responses to “The Only Reason To Vote Republican…”

  1. Tyrone Says:


    The Republican Party failure is their practice of the three D’s ! DEAMONISE DISENFRANCHISE DESTROY”! We saw this in the general election of Senator John McCain against Senator Obama. McCain and the Republican Party attacked any and everyone assoiated with Obama. Senator Elizabeth Dole send out an fundraising letter in which she accused her challenger of meeting with ‘those people’ – atheists, secularists, humanists – that no good North Carolinian would be comfortable sitting down to dinner with. She was losing so Dole did what Republicans do. DDD! McCain did it by first deamonising Obama assoiate . Like in the case of Rev.Wright ! Here was a man that serve his country both in the Marine and Navy. Had been a pastor over 35 years. Had programs in his church that help his community of all colors. The Republican Party along with McCain took 20 minute of video clips and destroy 20 years relationship with Obama and Rev.Wright! Then it was Bill Ayer ! Now this man did some evil things when Senator Obama was 8 years old ! Senator Obama at 8 years old knew nothing of Ayers. But that did not stop the Republican Party and McCain. They told the public that because of Ayer past Obama is guilty! OF WHAT? They never told the public! The real funny thing is that Ayer is a Professor at a college and never was convicted of being a terrorist. DEAMONISE DISENFRANCHISE DESTROY is also practice by white racism. Blacks where deamonise then disenfranchise. And for the past 200 plus years. White racism has been trying to destroy the black race or at the lease disenfranchise!

  2. Tyrone Says:


    Patroitism and black people go hand and hand. More so then any other race of Americans. Our American government and white racism is behind that truth. The reason I make that statement is. Just find any other race of Americans that fought and died for America in wars. When the American government fought agaisnt you discriminated against you hated you disrespected your children? And had government laws like “Jim Crow Law”! It was black Americans that fought and died to vote for white people back in the early 1950. Blacks still went to school a Pledge Allegiance to the flag. In 2000 there have been many un armed black Americans murder. Children as young as 6 years old to adults as old as 92 years by white cops . And America could careless. My father enter a seperate but so-call equal Korean War as a American! He told story of black American troops that where put on the front line more so then white troops. Or the fact that blacks where serve last in the mess hall lines. My father told story of blacks that where never promoted while in the service. When whites would get promoted for just showing up. Bottom line blacks still went into the service and fought and died for their country despite the disrespect. American value and patroitism is what white Americans have to be taught! White leadership is so needed in this country. Re- education is so needed in this country for all Americans. Blacks have been taught to feel less than and whites have been taught to feel better than.

  3. Tyrone Says:


    The Republican Party hijack moral value and christianity and created Evangelical Christian! To this day I don’t understand the difference between Evangelical Christain and just Christain. Nor do I think GOD cares! The problem with the Republican Party is that most don’t have a moral compus that they themself practice in their lifes! In other words ”HYPOCCRITE! The Republican Party and the white mojarity have push the envelope to where they think the envelope should be! Then the practice of these groups is to criticize everybody NOT THEM! What is amoral one day the next day or next moment it’s OK! Nothing was more apparent then the Janet Jackson incident! Her three second tit at the super bowl half time! CBS, broadcaster of the 2004 boob-exposing Super Bowl, challenge the $550,000 fine that the Federal Communications Commission hit it with for showing some of a black woman’s breast very briefly. There, the court will have to decide if Janet Jackson’s breast was being deliberately indecent or just accidentally indecent. WHAT A JOKE!! The next night at 8 pm on ABC ”NYPD showed a white man’s butt and a white women’s tits! And nothing was said!”HYPOCCRITE !McCain’s wife was a thief and would have been the first thief as FIRST LADY’ had McCain WON! The white pundits never stated that fact! Just another example of mojarity rules! PUSHING THE ENVELOPE ONES AGAIN!