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Its Up To Us

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on November 3rd, 2006 9:43 am by HL

Seen on What Really
dead soldiers cant vote

So I was away from the news for one day and it seems John Kerry tried to tell some joke and botched it, and now there is an outcry from republicans and all kinds of negative press. Perfect timing John. Was this done on purpose so Kerry could once again help out Skull and Bones brother Bush…just like he did when he refused to contest the election. Kerry seems to be the best weapon the republicans have, and he wants us to nominate him to run for President again.
Never John…Never

12 Responses to “Its Up To Us”

  1. Buck Says:

    Continuing to call poor voters ignorant for supporting the troops and voting republican is rapidly becoming a liability for the democratic party. There are not enough ‘sorrys’ in the sorry book to make up for such comments. You cant just shit on someone and say ‘Im sorry’! HL he did not do it on purpose! The true colors of the John Kerry color spectrum came shining through. This is one of the leaders of the democratic party. Seems to me that the Genuine ignorance comes from wanting the votes of people who a candidate considers ignorant, and says as much. So, the watermelon trucks appear to be loded down with democrats! Dont you think??? Buck

  2. axman Says:

    And what would you say buck about your lordjesusbush pretending to look for WMD’s in underneath furniture at the white house? and the ‘liberal media’ laughing right along? If that didn’t disrespect the troops and spit on all the graves of those killed I don’t know what does. That one incident was infinitely more disrespecting than anything Kerry ever said (and I’m no fan of John Kerry). And what was the consequence of that? Why more praise for the lordjesus bush of course! I could go on and on, but this particular incident stands out in bold relief.

  3. Buck Says:

    Quite simply. You do not view Iraq as part of the war on terror! You feel that Saddam Hussein did not order it so that means he is not responsible! I beg to differ! Any adversary would not be so dumb as to leave a paper trail if they were involved! Bin Laden would be nothing without the support of the islamic nations that prop him up! The Taliban did not attack America, but it was still right to bomb their ass! The USA is at war with radical islam! Iran, Syria, Libya, and orthers represent this war! The leaders of these radical islamic nations have chosen to use Al Qaida, Hezzbollah, Islamic jihad, Feddehein Saddam, as their para military tool of attack. As well, Iraq did attack Kuwait in 1990 and seize the american embassy. That was an act of war on the USA by Iraq. They were making amends after their defeat! Then a chicken shit got in office and let Saddam get away with everything under the sun! Then Bush came in and made it right! The narrow minded veiw of the war on terror does not do America good !!! Buck out

  4. I hate me for my freedoms Says:

    Another brain surgeon. I love how your explanation since the Kuwait attack in 1990 has no facts, no basis in reality whatsoever.

  5. axman Says:

    Once again Buck you prove you are a vegetable. What did that post have anything at all in it towards answering a question I posed about A SPECIFIC INCIDENT concerning your lordjesusbush and the ‘liberal’ media? My point was that they held Kerry’s feet to the fire about a botched joke while the lordjesusbush’s joke was much more debasing and the ‘liberal’ media just laughed right along. please respond to this if your pea brain allows.

  6. Buck Says:

    That post did NOT have anything to do with the question you posed about Bush! It had everthing to do with your bumbling stupidity regarding Wmds and the war on terror! I know the 500 shells are not enough for you! Nothing would be good enough for you. I think Axman anyone who believes that Saddam did not have WMDs is a stupid wishfull thinking fool! So what that we did not find the same kind or the same amount intelligence shown! You dont think any went to Syria. Well I do! Whether there is a go**am paper trail or not! Your just a wuss is all! Now as far as the joke! I thought it was pretty damn funny! Now go hop on the watermelon truck, and take your rightfull place on earth! Buck out

  7. What Hypocrisy Says:

    Well lets see Bush’s joke about not being able to find WMD’s was not aimed at the troops and Kerry’s “joke” was. Kerry can say he’s sorry all he wants but everyone that knows anything knows that he doesn’t mean it. 1972 kerry slamed blacks and people with brown skin and said that a volunteer army would be an army of the poor and the black and the brown,” Kerry wrote.
    He throws his metals over the white house fence. Then he trys to slam Bush by calling him dumb. If that’s the case than Kerry is an idiot because his gpa was lower than Bush’s at Yale. What makes things worse is Kerry is a “top dem leader” which means that this is the feelings of the Dem party when it comes to the military. They are finally showing their true colors.

  8. axman Says:

    Bush’s joke was not aimed at the troops? then who the hell was it aimed at? Whatever it certainly INVOLVED them. Maybe Kerry called them stupid, but to bush they are even less, less than zeros and cannon fodder for his glorious Iraq looting program.

  9. axman Says:

    Ah Buck, you ‘think’ you ‘feel’ but you don’t ‘know because the facts always seem to have an anti lordjesus bush bias don’t they?

  10. Buck Says:

    Do I think that the media is bias against Bush? It depends on the network!

    Explain your referal to Bush as ‘Lordjesusbush’ !

    I would feel what I feel even if Bush did not exsist! He is in office because of voters like me! I am a constituant. For the watermelon truck riders that means he is doing what WE want him to do! So, people who have a problem with Bush have a bigger problem with me.

  11. axman Says:

    Once again buck you astonish in your ability to misunderstand everything and reply to nothing. The media have been on the moron monkey’s side ever since he was appointed by the supremes. the monkey’s base is made up of unthinking fundie zombies and therefore my referal to ‘the lordjesusbush’. have you praised him yet today and his glorious Iraq adventure? so the idiots have finally managed to install one of their own as fearless leader, ‘look ma, he’s a moron just like me!’

  12. Buck Says:

    Read the lower paragraph of the post above yours one more time! Slower if you have to! That is a responce if there ever was any! Do you think Bush fell out of the sky? Iraq is a part of the war on terror wether your dumb ass can comprehend it or not! ‘the monkeys base is made up of unthinking fundie zombies and therfore my referal to lordjesus bush.’ ………..Well???? Your referal to ‘lordjesusbush’ WHAT???? Can you finish a sentence? Bush’s base knows that the war on terror includes numerous radical islamic states! Antiwar idiots think there is a paper trail for every dirty deed! How stupid of them! Get yourself together boy!