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2,660 Iraqi civilians killed in Sept. 650,000 Total

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on October 11th, 2006 10:37 am by HL

Another month in the debacle.

2,660 Iraqi civilians killed in Sept.

Car bomb in iraqBAGHDAD, Iraq – More than 2,660 Iraqi civilians were killed in the capital in September amid a wave of sectarian killings and insurgent attacks, an increase of 400 over the month before, according to figures from the Iraqi Health Ministry.

The increase came despite an intensified U.S.-Iraqi sweep of Baghdad that was launched in mid-August to try to put down the wave of violence that has swept over the capital. The violence consists of a deadly combination of bombings and shootings by Sunni insurgents, and slayings by Shiite and Sunni death squads.

The September numbers come as a controversial new study contends that nearly 655,000 Iraqis have died in the three-year-old conflict in Iraq — more than 10 times higher than other independent estimates of the toll.

12 Responses to “2,660 Iraqi civilians killed in Sept. 650,000 Total”

  1. Buck Says:

    Since they are not training to attack us in Iraq like they were before we went in and are instead trying to fight against our soldiers there are no telling how many thousands of American civilian lives here that were saved. Im glad we did not have to find out! As well Aqaida are in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and the weak nation Iran. I would not be suprised If KimJong IL has had communications with Alqaida. The only way to not have enemies is this. Diplomacy leads to your enemies with more power and still being your enemies. Like what happend with Bill Richardson and Bill Clinton and nuclear reactors and North Korea! You got to blow them enemies away is the crude but true solution. You cant rightly have diplomacy and co-exist with people that want to co-unexist……..You know what Im saying???? Buck out

  2. HL Says:

    How about if there are economic incentives involved. Just like in business you get you want they get what they want, thats why the deal goes through.

  3. axman Says:

    Buck, no one on the planet could possibly know what the hell you’re saying when you babble on with dittohead gibberish like this. you really need to lie down now and realize the fact that you are a vegtable.

  4. Buck Says:

    Nope. I will leave hiding under ground to you axman. How often do you do what you do?
    hee hee ha ha. You have got to have the worlds record for the longest living dying cockroach. Vegtable? You are what you eat. Broccoli is good. Lettuce is great. Tomatos are great for eating. They are even better for throwing at democratic political candidates. So what have you been eating Axe? Now Axe. Have you been eating sour corn pone? Left over watermelon rhines or something? ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Dittohead- some one who listens to Rush Limbaugh everyday.
    Im not a dittohead! I exist by the power of my own arguements and my own disgusts with the democratic party. Im not saying Rush is wrong. He is throwing alot of fear into the democrats. So much fear they cant see that there are orthers that are out for them. Buck out

  5. LA Says:

    It’s sad that so many people lost their lives because of lies. That is the crime of this century. No righteous man can argue that the death of 650,000 humans is justifed. Only a fool and a no-man can make such claim that any state has justification. Nil!

  6. axman Says:

    Buck, thanks for proving my point once again. ‘How often do you do what you do?’ ??? what the hell is that supposed to mean?’ I exist for the power of my own arguments?’ ? A housefly’s peter would have more power than your flaccid ramblings. I seriously doubt that you’ve ever suffered an original thought in your entire life.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Some of the most enjoyable thoughts I have Axe, are how much Im getting under your skin. My thoughts also wonder why you cant read? How often do you do what you do? While your giving them legs another thousand wiggles I will explain. You claim that Im a vegtable. A carrot is a vegtable. It hides underground. You want us to leave Iraq? You want us to cut and puss do ya? Do you know what an ostrage does? The big bird hides its head underground. Like antiwar democrats that want to abandon our middleastern foothold! So goes the carrot, the ostrage and the antiwar democrat. Oh, and Axe there are independant carrots and ostrages too. You ultimately are the vegtable. Or the ostrage. Your pick. So how often do you make like a carrot or an ostrage? Again I ask you! How often do you do what you DO? Rush did not help me out here man, I exist by the power of my own arguments. For the not so bright it means Im bothering antiwar folks on my own! My first post on this column still stands as so!
    Buck out!

  8. axman Says:

    Bothering me ?? I have no idea what the hell you’re trying to say for starters! Just continue to exist in your incomprehensible fantasy land, sing the praises of your lordjesusbush and be a vegtable, your owners will harvest you very soon. And be sure to sing the praises of your lord and master thelord jesusbush when you’re being diced and sliced and sauteed.

  9. axman Says:

    Buck, you certainly have a gasbag like inflated view of your own importance and influence, maybe you are a larger vegetable than I had previously imagined. Get over your vegtable self, and wait for the harvest. ax out.

  10. Buck Says:

    Yep, you have been eating sour corn pone pig slop and truck load of rotton watermelon rhines. Damn man. Are you a cut and runner? You missed your calling as a farmer, and now you are intimidated by vegtables? Have you ever noticed how cockroaches cut and run? Then they get squashed. Can I have some more of your time Axe? Can I burn you out of some more time? Buck out!!

  11. axman Says:

    yes buck, now that you got your gas bag filled, you can blow away. waste time? are you kidding me? you are the one that seems obsessed with posting on this site.

  12. Buck Says:

    NO NO NO! Can I waste some more of YOUR time?