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8 G.I.’s Die in Baghdad, Most in a Day Since ’05

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on October 4th, 2006 2:01 pm by HL

8 G.I.s Die in Baghdad, Most in a Day Since ’05

NY Times
A G.I. with a side arm dispersed children Tuesday in Baghdad
after his armored vehicle ran into a ditch.

8 more U.S. soldiers dead in iraq“BAGHDAD, Oct. 3 — Eight United States soldiers were killed Monday in Baghdad, the United States military said, the most in the capital in a day since July 2005.

Monday’s loss also represented one of the highest nationwide death tolls for American troops in the past year. In late August, nine soldiers and a marine were killed in a day. But before that, the last time eight or more soldiers were killed in hostile action was last November.

“Obviously this was a tragic day, with eight killed in 24 hours,” said Lt. Col. Barry Johnson, a military spokesman.

The deadly day set back efforts by American and Iraqi troops to tame the sectarian violence that continues to besiege the capital. Since August, the military has made securing Baghdad a priority, pouring in additional troops and conducting neighborhood sweeps.

H.L.s Take:
I just got back from a meeting with Sgt. Zack Bazzi from the movie The War Tapes, several journalists were also at the round table discussion. I voice recorded it and will be posting the transcript. Zack had some very interesting opinions on whats going on in Iraq. I’ll have it up soon. Zack said that it is not the duty of the soldier to fight against an unjust war,
it is the duty of the people back home to do that. Thats what The Hollywood Liberal is all about. Every soldier that dies in this war is dying in an unjust war, and it needs to be stopped now.

14 Responses to “8 G.I.’s Die in Baghdad, Most in a Day Since ’05”

  1. Bill Says:

    H.L. would you mind telling me what is unjust about it. The people in Iraq are out from under a Dictator and are working for a democratic government of their own. Not to mention that the US hasn’t been hit by a terrorist attack in the last 5 years. Oh yeah I remember we went into Iraq under false pretenses, it didn’t have anything to do with the fact that Iraq was funding the terrorists as well as Iran and Korea funding them so why wouldn’t we go into Iraq. So why don’t you till me how the terrorists are getting worse. You think that we should stay home and wait for them to attack us again and loose more Americans. If that is the way you think than I know why you aren’t in government. If you remember we sat on our butt and did nothing during WWII because it didn’t involved us than they attacked Pearl Harbor, so I guess staying home is the way we should do everything.

  2. LA Says:

    For all of you pro-war posters, (especially Buck) send letters of condolenses to those families that lost a loved one in Iraq or Aghghanistan and died for the cause you so whole much continue to support. Do you have the cojones?

    It’s so easy to say more war when you’re in the comforts of your home in the US and have no guts to set foot on the battlefield.

  3. Bill Says:

    LA ya know what I wouldn’t have a problem with sending them a letter of condolense because most all of them joined the military knowing that they stood the chance of having to do just what they are doing. That is the job they signed up for not the meals on wheels that Clinton had them doing. As for joining back up I would in a heart beat if I could not to mention the fact that my Brother is serving right now and has been there twice. So you sit your happy ass at home and enjoy your freedom while the rest of serve our country. Oh how do you like those freedoms that you have because of the people that have given their lives for you.

  4. Buck Says:

    The danger my grandfather encounterd in wwII as far as Im concerned gives me the right to support this war now! There are NO orther criteria. I dont have to give a crap who dont like it Im not in the military. I dont give a crap about those that think the war is illegal. How is that the case? Saddam did not have to order the attack to be responsible for it. Ql qaida did not just swarm to Iraq after the US went in. It is a global network. Living on the money and territorial support of dictators. What would Bin Laden be without Iran, Syria, and saddams Iraq? Terrorist without state sponcership are nothing. Democrats and the antiwar movement consistantly remain utterly stupid to that fact. So, you think the war on terror is against JUST BinLaden? Lets round him up and we can pack up and bring er’ to the house huhhhh?? How utterly stupid to think that! Im tired of hearing Iraq did not attack the US. He held our people hostage when he invaded Kuwait. That American embassy was US territory. My how the dumb dumbs forget so easily. Or forgive so easily I dont know which yet. Yep, antiwar morans are trying to wish in another world. It is almost funny! Buck out!!

  5. LA Says:

    Bill: Those soldiers that die are there because Bush, the moron puppet, ordered them to go. The Bush war policy is based on lies. I can hardly believe that most 18 year olds are rational enough to understand what war is and that death can really happen. Most 18 year olds don’t believe they will die.

    What’s wrong with “meals on wheels”? Too pacifist for you? Not enough hot action?

    Serving my country isn’t based on blowing people’s brains out. I’ll do better things for society and my country. I don’t need people like you telling me what is tha patriotic thing to do. Attacking countries doesn’t help my financial well being nor does it make me more secure.

    You believe too much propaganda and are the typical sheep personality that will walk over the cliff because you believe that military action is patriotism. You be the fool, I’m not.

  6. LA Says:

    Buck: I won’t make any comment beyond this. Do research and find the truth. You are out of touch with reality and are lost. There’s no hope for you. Adios!

  7. Bill Says:

    LA ya know what is funny is you keep slamming on Buck but you don’t say anything about what I post. Interesting.

  8. Buck Says:

    Oh, so he did not do those things? Are you saying the invasion of Kuwait was a lie? Saddam held Americans against their will in Kuwait because he thought we would air strike him. It is you who lack research. It is YOU duncester……………Work on it!!!! Buck out

    I am a history buff……………….Your grade for today LA is ……..F-

  9. Bill Says:

    what’s with all my comments having the comment is awaiting moderation next to them.
    you wont post what I write again. You don’t want me to challenge someone to the fact that they are just bashing someone rather than trying to use facts. Typical Lib only let people read what you want them to. You and the Dem’s will never change only give people part of the story or non of it and lie about the rest. And you wonder why you lost the House, Senate, and the White House. People are seeing through the smoke and mirrors that the Dem’s have been using for the last 50 years. you keep telling me to show you web sites to back up what I write because it is all lies and yet everything I write isn’t on Rush or Fox and you still don’t want to believe it. There are other ways to get information than from the Right wing media and the Dem’s. History is great try checking it out some time. There is a saying about remembering your history or you shall relive it and people are remembering what the Dem’s have said for the last 50 years and they are tired of reliving it. Don’t post what I write or modify it it doesn’t matter to me because you are doing the same thing that your Dem’s like to do. Say one thing and do another.

  10. HL Says:

    As I said time and time again, I will not allow you to post BS on my site, If I see a post by you that I know is not true, its rejected. You have yet to show any backup or proof for anything you say. You’re lucky I’ve let as much crap by you go by as I have. So start speaking the truth if you want to stay up here.

  11. LA Says:

    I dont’ believe in the Tooth Fairies and OBL. So let’s start reading something interesting. I realize that many readers here will never recover from their indoctrination, but some might be interested in learning and making their own minds up, understanding and cutting thru the propaganda machine that influences their mindset.

    Read the following article: The Truth Behind 9/11: Who is Osama Bin Laden?

    Let’s take it a step futher. What’s happening with North Korea? Are they really a threat to the USA’s national security? Or is this just another ploy by the war parties to attack a country that has never attacked us? And continue perpetual war against the world and make corporate benefactors wealthier while the world starves living in fear.

    Michael Rivero posted the following article ( and commentary on his site

    “North Korea just put the screws to US plans to invade Iran.

    It will be hard for Bush to sell an invasion of Iran because it might someday make nuclear weapons when North Korea definitely has them now.

    Bush has to attack North Korea before Iran, and who will support an attack on a nation that actually HAS nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

    Now, I am certain that the GOP is grateful to Kim Jong Il for driving fondle-gate off of the front pages, but if you think about it, this is a political black eye for Bush, who despite his tough talk was unable to convince North Korea not to go ahead with their tests. So, this is a foreign policy failure. And Bush is left looking impotent.

    Now the reality is that even with nuclear weapons, North Korea is not a threat to the United States for two reasons. The first is that the US still has the world’s most formidable nuclear arsenal and North Korea is no more likely to attack the US than Iraq or Iran would even if they had nuclear weapons (which they don’t).

    The second reason is, of course, more important. The US is the only nation that has actually used nuclear weapons on civilian populations, and North Korea has no reason to think the US Government is not capable of such an attack now.

    Count on the mainstream media to make this story the headline for the next week (see comment about fondle-gate above) but the reality is that after much posturing and tough talk at the UN (which is suddenly relevant again), the US is not likely to start a war in North Korea, because they did not win the LAST one in that part of the world, and that was against a North Korea that did not have nuclear weapons. An attack against North Korea would be very foolish, because the whole point to having nuclear weapons is to have the ability to inflict great damage on an invader. That is the whole point to deterrence.

    North Korea will not attack the US without provocation because we have a nuclear deterrent. Conversely, the US should not attack North Korea because they too now have a nuclear deterrent. ”

    I hope some of you think about this information and realize how much this Bush cabal is discrediting the USA and putting all of our lives at risk because of greed, compliance with evil, and lies.

  12. LA Says:

    Bill: Read my posts more carefully before you comment.

  13. Buck Says:

    MAD ….Mutual assured destruction. With Iran and North Korea. Imagine how stupid that is.
    You cant mean that! We would all be mutually assured OF destruction. Another F-
    Buck out!

  14. Bill Says:

    OK LA you posted part of what was in the 9/11 report but you didn’t post the rest of it that had IJAZ working with Sudan trying to get Clinton to take Bin Laden and giving him all the information on his funding, officers, and number of suporters that Clinton needed to put him away as a terrorist. You want the rest of that than here.
    There is a saying in the movie Sum of all Fears that is “I don’t fear the man with many nuc’s I fear the man with one” and that is what North Korea is. It is the country that has one and they are the danger. Russia understood that we could remove them from the earth as they could us. The idiot in N. Korea doesn’t care and if you think he does than you need to pull your head out of the sand. Worry about N. Korea yes we do because when push comes to shove China will help them. China has already threatened the US with Thi Land or have you forgotten that to.