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The War is Lost

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on September 5th, 2006 7:38 am by HL

If Bush is in charge, failure is sure to be the result. Of course that was the plan from the start, as the U.S. has no desire to win the war in Iraq, because they are not finished pumping the oil from the unmetered wells, and the arms manufacturers are still building more tanks and bombs that they need to sell. So what better idiot for Bush Sr. to have installed in power in place of him then Jr. retard. On January 20, 1993 the elder Bush went to work to steal this country, and he hasn’t stopped since.

The War Is Lost

The mastermind and the foolSince the previous report, Iraqi daily casualties have jumped by 50 per cent from 80 per day to 120 per day. Currently, Iraqis are dying at the rate of 43,800 per year from violence.

The Iraqi government cowers behind the fortified walls of the “Green Zone.” On August 31, the Kurds in the north took down the Iraqi flag and replaced it with the Kurdish one. Most of Iraq is ruled by Shiite and Sunni militias. Conflict between them has forced 160,000 Iraqis to flee their homes.

Who is going to tell Bush that the war is lost?

Is Rumsfeld going to tell him?

Is Cheney going to tell him?

How can they tell him after all the bravado and false reports?

This is a delusional administration. Confronted with three major polls showing that two-thirds of Americans oppose the Iraq war, Bush declared that he is staying the course, demonstrating yet again his disdain for common sense and the will of the American people.

H.L.s Take
Bush has already come on and said that The war will never end as long as he is President. He probably said that after a couple of shooters of Wild Turkey, but we all know its true, the American people have no say in their own democracy.

11 Responses to “The War is Lost”

  1. Buck Says:

    Answer me a question? How does 3000 dead heros become a loss? How many in Veiatnam? 30,000 is the answer and we pulled out prematurely. The U.S. army is firmly in Iraq. Insurgent and Iranian fighters are dying in numbers that cant be graphed. They believe if they die they will win. Americans feel if they die we will win.
    So, if they want to die in marterdom. I hope they get their wish. Right fu*king now! If we just nuked Iran now(of which I would have no problem). We would be helping them out. One big nucler blasted marterdom. No more bennie winnies to cross the Iraqi border and screw with the USA. The USA is, has and is going to win.

  2. lmz90028 Says:

    You think we pulled out prematurely in Vietnam?? I say you’re wrong, I’m glad to have my father safe and sound! More important to me than a pissing contest.

    I don’t know who the hell is going to be fighting in Iran. I think there are some gang members in LA who may now be considered “recruitable” by the US. Maybe they’ll go draft-style…ready to step up??

  3. LA Says:

    What are you defending? The same shit that you can’t rationalize? You dump the same BS over and over again. It doesn’t work anymore. Look at the polls fool! The same people that supported Bush have abandoned him. Nobody wants war except you. You must be a total jackass to want such a thing.

    Now tell me buck, what branch of the military did you serve in?

    I wonder about you. All you do is agitate and bring nothing more to the table.

    And you even want to attack Iran by nuclear force. In foreign policy (isn’t that one of your interests), that option has always been reserved for the last resort. Are you f**kin’ afraid or Iranians or something? You act as if you were sodomized by Arabs so now you want revenge on all of them.

    You still haven’t answered my prior questions, why don’t you enlist and go fight a war yourself? If you don’t qualify for the military, then get a job with a contractor. You know, I don’t want my kids fighting wars for shitheads like you.



  4. (: Tom :) Says:

    Silly LA. Can’t you see – Buck asks questions, he doesn’t answer them! He knows exactly how and why liberals think the way they do, he knows how firmly the military is entrenched in Iraq (but not enough that we can’t illegally invade another dozen countries or so) from the safety and security of his mommy’s basement, and he knows better than to answer any questions from liberal hippie traitors like you!

    At least that’s how it sounded the last time somebody tried to ask Buck a question around here…

    And, to provide some sort of commentary on the original post – Putsch has been told that the war is lost. He just refuses to listen to that sort of thing because it might dirty up his beautiful mind.

  5. sfliberal Says:

    Buck.. you are a piece of work for sure. I sometimes think HL must have made you up just so he could throw the most inane right-wing ‘ideas’ into the comments so we can see how empty and stupid they really are. For example.. if we nuke Iran today, do you know who would suffer the most? Not the Iranians, who will be turned to cinder in a heartbeat and won’t know what hit them. It will be idiots like you who drive Hummers and Ford pickups because a major source of oil for the gas you suck up will have been destroyed. Every time you buy a gallon of gas, a percentage of what you pay goes to Iran and from there to Hezbollah, Iraqi insurgents, and Osama. So you should be sending flowers to each dead soldiers family and thank them for helping to protect your precious right to buy cheap gas.

  6. Milton Says:

    In my mind, I have seen the evil of the Bush administration not from the present, but from the time George Sr, was in the CIA, setting up the framework and infrastructure to facilitate an eventual take over of the United States, and eventual world domination. They were installing heads of organizations and agencies etc, since then. I forsee if they think there will be a Republican loss in November, there will be some catastrophic happening so they will be able to instill martial law on the land, and remain in power for our safety. Who is going to stop them? I think Dad is still running the country and the cabal with the Carlyle Corp. They are making too much money to give it up thru a little thing like an election.

  7. Buzz Says:


    If Buck is supposed to go join the service because he agree’s with the war. Shouldn’t you have to leave the country since you hate GW Bush??

  8. Buck Says:

    How am I defending anything LA when Im on the attack? Im certainly not trying to defend anything to you because I dont care what you think! Im posting motherfu*king comments! I think I have told you before sucker that polls dont mean a go**am thing! Bush won! Thats bad for you and good for me. I did not serve in the military. So fu*king what? Does that bug you? I hope so! Keep leting it! Am I afraid of Iranians? ha ha ha ha. In short, no. NOT AT ALL!! I think Iran is dog sh*t no doubt. I think they deserve any and all harm that come to them. So go punk your self!
    Was I sodamized by Arabs? No, but I wish one would try. Rope neckties, cement shoes, cyanide, smith and wesson, burlap sacs and the brazos river would be the days business.
    Imz, my dad was a veitnam vet also…….so what?
    Tom! I dont have a basement you surrendacrat! Want to go a few more nasty rounds??
    And I got long hair and tatoos, what the fu*k did you call me??
    Hey, Rice Arroni the San Fransisco treat your next! If H.L. had made me up it would be a peice of work would it not? I cant afford a hummer and I think Ford sucks so I like Oldsmobiles and Chevys thank you very much! Fu*k riding an electric trolly around! No chance! I will leave the soldier comment alone! Oh…..what a day!!!

  9. lmz90028 Says:

    Wow…supporting the troops with a “so what.” How the hell did the Repubs get a monopoly on the respect for our soldiers bit?? If anyone can answer that question with anything but good PR, I give you credit!

  10. (: Tom :) Says:

    I rest my case.

    You see all of the questions that Buck was asked, and how polite and thoughtful his responses were. Oh, wait…

    You see how well Buck defends his “facts”, and how concerned he is about others’ points of view. Oh, wait…

    You see how Buck never stoops to name calling or any of that juvenile grade school stuff when posting comments on this blog. Oh, wait…

    Isn’t it funny how I refrained from calling Buck anything at all, yet he still seems to think* that I did! Although, now that he mentions it, if I wanted to get into name calling I would probably start by referring to him and his fellow Republican’t scumbags as traitorous, arrogant, Putsch fellating sociopaths without a shred of common decency. Maybe it’s just me…

    * – or the unreasonable facsimile thereof that Republican’ts use in place of actual rational thought. Maybe it’s just the oxycontin talking…

  11. Buck Says:

    Golly GEE!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha