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Archive for September 5th, 2006

Did You Know That We Are At War???

Posted in Latest Comics, Main Blog (All Posts) on September 5th, 2006 11:23 pm by HL

News Item: Bush Reminds Americans U.S. is at War

This is a 12 Part Comic

President Bush

See The Rest of The Comic Here

The War is Lost

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on September 5th, 2006 7:38 am by HL

If Bush is in charge, failure is sure to be the result. Of course that was the plan from the start, as the U.S. has no desire to win the war in Iraq, because they are not finished pumping the oil from the unmetered wells, and the arms manufacturers are still building more tanks and bombs that they need to sell. So what better idiot for Bush Sr. to have installed in power in place of him then Jr. retard. On January 20, 1993 the elder Bush went to work to steal this country, and he hasn’t stopped since.

The War Is Lost

The mastermind and the foolSince the previous report, Iraqi daily casualties have jumped by 50 per cent from 80 per day to 120 per day. Currently, Iraqis are dying at the rate of 43,800 per year from violence.

The Iraqi government cowers behind the fortified walls of the “Green Zone.” On August 31, the Kurds in the north took down the Iraqi flag and replaced it with the Kurdish one. Most of Iraq is ruled by Shiite and Sunni militias. Conflict between them has forced 160,000 Iraqis to flee their homes.

Who is going to tell Bush that the war is lost?

Is Rumsfeld going to tell him?

Is Cheney going to tell him?

How can they tell him after all the bravado and false reports?

This is a delusional administration. Confronted with three major polls showing that two-thirds of Americans oppose the Iraq war, Bush declared that he is staying the course, demonstrating yet again his disdain for common sense and the will of the American people.

H.L.s Take
Bush has already come on and said that The war will never end as long as he is President. He probably said that after a couple of shooters of Wild Turkey, but we all know its true, the American people have no say in their own democracy.

11 of America’s worst places to cast a ballot (or try)

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on September 5th, 2006 7:13 am by HL

As we all know, Bush is in power due to stolen elections. Here is an article that explains some of the ways they go about stealing. Want to take a guess where the worst 3 places to try to cast an honest vote are, no need I will tell you. Georgia, North Carolina, and of course Ohio. All 3 of these states have a majority who now despise Bush, of course you wouldn’t know it based on the stolen votes.

Just Try Voting Here: 11 of America’s worst places to cast a ballot (or try)

Mother Jones
Get a reciept with your vote...if you canMachines that count backward, slice-and-dice districts, felon baiting, phone jamming, and plenty of dirty tricks.
We used to think the voting system was something like the traffic laws — a set of rules clear to everyone, enforced everywhere, with penalties for transgressions; we used to think, in other words, that we had a national election system. How wrong a notion this was has become painfully apparent since 2000: As it turns out, except for a rudimentary federal framework (which determines the voting age, channels money to states and counties, and enforces protections for minorities and the disabled), U.S. elections are shaped by a dizzying mélange of inconsistently enforced laws, conflicting court rulings, local traditions, various technology choices, and partisan trickery.

H.L.s Take
The only chance the repbulicans have this year and in the presidential election, is more stolen elections. If they win any more big elections we will know why. Of course to this date the democrats STILL refuse to even acknowledge that this problem even exsists. Now why would that be. Oh yeah because its all one big club, thats why.

No Longer Buying It

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on September 5th, 2006 6:51 am by HL

One third of all Americans now believe that The United States Government, was involved in the planning and execution of 9/11. The reasons are obvious, how else would they be able to get the American public behind the Iraq war, and war with Iran, Syria, and whoever else’s oil they felt like stealing. Of course it worked like a charm then. (Although we knew better within the first 2 days. It all started with the stolen election. This country has been hijacked by the biggest criminal conspiracy that the world has ever known. Free Country my ass.

Father Of 9/11 Victim Says Government Ran Attack As Media Hit Pieces Continue

Bush did 9/11Another 9/11 family member has gone public to rubbish the conspiracy theory that the attacks were planned and executed by nineteen incompetent Arabs with box cutters who were
getting drunk in a strip club the night before
barely even made it to the airport on time. Meanwhile, hit pieces against the 9/11 truth movement continue in the lead up to the fifth anniversary
of the event.

A familiar emotional shell game on the
part of the debunkers is to proclaim that questioning any aspect of 9/11
disgraces the memory of the victims. This tactic is clearly not working
anymore especially in light of the fact that Bill Doyle, representative
of the largest group of 9/11 family members – says
that half now completely distrust
the official version of events.

Bob McIlvaine’s son Bobby was working
for Merrill Lynch in the 103rd floor of the south tower when Flight 175
struck. He was likely one of the unfortunate individuals who obeyed the
Port Authority’s ridiculous order for workers to stay in the building and
not evacuate even after Flight 11 had ploughed into the north tower.

McIlvaine is convinced that the attacks
were an inside job orchestrated by elements within the US government.

"Today, there are no ifs or buts
in my mind that this was an inside job. The US government orchestrated it
with the help of MI6 and Pakistan and Mossad. What they are telling us is
bullshit. The hijackers were patsies and Osama bin Laden was set up,"
McIlvaine told the London

H.L.s Take:
Of course there will always be people who believe the biggest conspriacy of all, that 19 arabs in box cutters were able to plan and carry it out all by themselves, ya right. With the help of the Bush loving media the full truth will never come the the public. Half the people who get thier information from television still beleive that Oswald acted alone.