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Archive for September 1st, 2006

Missile Test Hardly The Real Thing

Posted in Latest Stories & Articles by H.L., Main Blog (All Posts) on September 1st, 2006 10:38 pm by HL

A Ballistic missile launched today from California shot down what was called in the press as a “target” that in “some respects resembled” the war head on a North Korean missile. A target, not an actual missile, this “target” only resembled a missile, and it only resembled a missile in “some respects” so in many respects it did not resemble a missile.

The “Star Wars” Missile Defense program if it is ever successful, will only be able to prevent limited attacks. In an all out attack our cities will still be hit. The test today was hardly the real thing.

This is from tomorrow mornings New York Times

But critics said that the test lacked key elements of realism and that its main objective had been to allow the Missile Defense Agency to claim the program was back on track after the interceptors in the last two flight tests, in December 2004 and February 2005, failed to leave their silos.

Even General Obering, after calling the test “as close as we can come to an end-to-end test,” said that the target missile did not deploy decoys or other countermeasures meant to confuse the interceptor from striking the actual warhead.

Decoys involve relatively basic technology that a potential foe like North Korea could be expected to employ, said Stephen Young, a missile defense specialist with the Union of Concerned Scientists, which opposes deployments of missile defenses.

“This test was as scripted as it can be,” he said. “It’s a very complicated test, technically, but it’s much simpler than dealing with an actual missile launch would be.” In a real-life attack, he said, far less would be known about the timing, trajectory and characteristics of an incoming warhead.

So what will end up happening is they find a way to beat one decoy, then the other side comes up with a new decoy, so we have to find a way to beat that decoy, it keeps going back and forth with both sides sending the defense industry tons of money (with plenty of kickbacks of course) but it may never actually work. It will be like computer viruses, and anti-virus programs. They invent a virus, so the software makers invent a way to stop it, then they come up with a new virus, and it keeps going back and forth. You can still get viruses, and the only one making money is the virus program makers. We would never know if it really worked unless we got attacked, and if it didn’t work it would be too late by then. So our best bet is to try to make peace with those who have the weapons so we don’t have to find out.

WSJ: GOP losing advantage over national security

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on September 1st, 2006 11:32 am by HL

When the Wall St. Journal starts slamming Bush & Republicans, you know it must be true.

Wall Street Journal: GOP losing advantage over national security

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal asserts that Republicans are losing their political advantage on issues of national security.

Based on poll data, Congressional race analyses, and a breakdown of recent speeches by prominent Republicans including President Bush, writer Jackie Calmes argues that the GOP monopoly on national security is in a palpable state of decline.

Among additional factors weakening the Republican platform this election year, Calmes writes, are unrest in Iraq, corruption, outlandish federal spending, and a growing distate for incumbents.

H.L.s Take
Everybody knows that Bush is bad for National Security, anyone who says otherwise is just lying to themselves and anyone else.

New ABC Docudrama Blames Clinton For 9/11, Praises Bush

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on September 1st, 2006 11:26 am by HL

Media whoring for Bush gets worse every day.

New ABC Docudrama Blames Clinton For 9/11, Praises Bush


Path to 9/11 graphic On September 10 and 11, ABC will air a “docudrama” called “The Path to 9/11.” It was written by Cyrus Nowrasteh, who describes himself as “more of a libertarian than a strict conservative,” and is giving interviews to hard-right sites like FrontPageMag to promote the film.

What will it say about President Clinton? Here’s Rush Limbaugh with a preview:

A friend of mine [Cyrus Nowrasteh] out in California has produced and filmed — I think it’s a two-part mini-series on 9/11 that ABC is going to run in prime-time over two nights, close to or on 9/11. It’s sort of surprising that ABC’s picked it up, to me. I’ve had a lot of people tell me about it, my friends told me about it…And from what I have been told, the film really zeros in on the shortcomings of the Clinton administration in doing anything about militant Islamofascism or terrorism during its administration. It cites failures of Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright and Sandy Burglar.

How does it deal with President Bush?

Condoleezza Rice gets that fated memo about planes flying into buildings, and makes it very clear to anyone who’ll listen just how concerned President Bush is about these terrorist threats — despite the fact that we’re given little concrete evidence of the president’s concern or interest in taking action. Maybe my memory fails me, but the only person I remember talking about Osama bin Laden back in 1998 was President Clinton, while the current anti-terrorist stalwarts worked the country into a frenzy over what? Blow jobs. In the end, “The Path to 9/11″ feels like an excruciatingly long, winding and deceptive path, indeed.

H.L.s Take:
First they take Monday Night Football off the air, and now this. Thats it I am boycotting ABC, (not that I would watch any of their trash besides MNF anyway) I suggest you do the same. Big TV Networks and Newspapers, are nothing now except for propaganda rags for the guy who gave them (the richest 1% not people who do manual labor.) those big tax cuts.

FBI probes office of Alaska Sen. Stevens’s son

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on September 1st, 2006 11:14 am by HL

Remember Alaska Republican Senator Ted Stevens. He got all pissed off and upset when his plan to drill for oil was defeated. He claimed he would continue to fight for it no matter what.
Here’s why

FBI probes office of Alaska Sen. Stevens’s son

JUNEAU, Alaska – The offices of at least six Alaska legislators, including the son of Sen. Ted Stevens (news, bio, voting record), were raided by federal agents searching for possible ties between the lawmakers and a large oil field services company, officials and aides said.

Among the offices searched was that of Republican Senate President Ben Stevens, the son of the senior senator from Alaska. Ted Stevens’ spokesman Aaron Saunders said Friday that they had no comment on the search.

H.L.s Take
Its all about the money. Never mind that drilling for oil in Alaska will ruin one of the most pristine wilderness left in The U.S. Ted Stevens and his son stand to make money on this. So Goddam everyone else as long as their is a dime to be made, even if it means they have to break the law to do it. Greedy Greedy Greddy