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Why Do You Hate Freedom???

Posted in Latest Comics, Main Blog (All Posts) on August 30th, 2006 11:52 am by HL

News Items:
Rumsfeld Lashes Out at Bush Critics

Rumsfeld warns against appeasement

This is an 11 part comic

Donald Rumfeld

See the Rest of The Comic Here

10 Responses to “Why Do You Hate Freedom???”

  1. Freaky Dick's Chimp Says:

    Hey, is this one those “reality” comics? *D

  2. blah blah Says:

    all you liberals are the biggest chickens. you come on these sites and talk tough but are way too big of cowards to say anything to someone’s face.

    keep hiding behind your mommie’s dress you liitle panty faced benedict arnolds.

  3. HL Says:

    And the award for the stupidest comment of the year goes too….
    We come on these sites and talk tough?
    Where am I talking tough. Am I threatening anyone. No you are the tough guy Mr. Blah Blah, you’re so tough that you don’t even leave a name, just Blah blah, like everything you say.
    “Way to big of cowards to say anything to someones face.” So what am I supposed to do Go up to Rumsfeld and say it to his face. Well you see, Asshole I have no way of accessing Rumsfeld, If I had a chance to talk to him I would gladly tell him what I wrote in the comic. Or do you think that I am too much of a coward to say something to your face?? Since I have no idea who you are, and never heard of you until now, how am I supposed to say something??? So I am Benedict Arnold?? So Its OK that Bush shreds the constitution, of course I’m sure you are far too stupid to know anything about that, or anything else for that matter. I’m hiding am I, well where am I supposed to be, this is the INTERNET you brain dead fool. We are all hiding. If there was a way to post on the internet in publc, your statement might make the slightest bit of sense. Usually I would just take such a stupid inane comment that says nothing of any substance and delete it. But I am leaving this one up because you are the embodiement of everyting stupid that Republicans are all about. Congratulations.

  4. CD Says:

    Hey no need to take a cheap shot at Combat Veterans

  5. lee Says:

    the fact that you fail to understand that Iraq is a surrogate war is sad commentary enough;that you fail to recognize your efforts at empowering the jihadists is counterproductive and has killed many of our soldiers, that these same soldiers ovewhelmingly support the Iraq War with many going back for second and third engagements; that your efforts are not only going to result in perhaps thousands more civilian deaths and that you will submit future generations of our children to fighting a battle/war that could have been finished now, only shows and demonstrates your true ignorance of the enemy we face. You had better hope and pray that we do not cut and run, because if we do lose and you face the enemy as an infidel, you will in fact learn what that really means.

  6. firewoman Says:

    On the serious side of the death count…having lost many of the healthy males of my generation to the so-called Viet Nam conflict…this is disgusting…so many healthy, misguided young men, and now women too, being lost once again…for what? So the oil barrons can get richer? We don’t see the body bags and flag drapped coffins arrive each day, but they are there…hidden behind executive priviledge. There is no “honorable” end in sight for this engagement either. Once again we are internationally perceived as a warring nation with a clown for our general.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Stupid assinine comments especially those attributed to the miltary who are some of the few who realize what we are fighting for!

  8. Britney Says:

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  9. julia comly Says:

    I love bush… not! But Im a geek with nothing to do but go on the computer all day iming poeple. not to menchtion I killed a rat and blamed somone else… I’m such a loser! no really I mean it!

  10. julia comly Says:

    i hate everyone