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Lets Mix Up Some Chemicals, and Head to The Airport.

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on August 25th, 2006 10:28 am by HL

Its been what? 2 weeks now, and those “Terrorists” in London still have not been charged with a crime. A panic has swept the worlds airports as a whole bunch of new security measures are put in place. Do you feel safer yet? Well here is a story that might put your mind at ease.

Mass murder in the skies: was the plot feasible? Let’s whip up some TATP and find out

U.K. Register
‘According to the official government story, TATP (triacetone triperoxide) was the explosive
these conspirators were planning to manufacture aboard the airliners… The peroxide and acetone can be pre-mixed, but the acid must be added, a drop at a time, while continuously stirring it and keeping it continuously chilled. This step of the process will take several hours, during which the fumes given off will be substantial and quite overpowering, thus a lab-quality air evacuation system is required…
One then must let the resulting solution stand for an extended period at temperatures
above the freezing point, but definitely below 50 degrees Fahrenheit… The time required for
completion is at least 24 hours and often several days… There is neither the time, the workspace nor the other materials required to make TATP on an airliner. The time required, the temperatures required, the workspace required and the need to dry the chemical prior to use preclude this story being reasonable…'”

H.L.s Take:
Ok so why then, is our government, and the government of England, doing this if the plot to bomb airlines with liquid chemicals is bunk. (Don’t forget these “terrorist” were not at the airport trying to board a plane with the ingredients packed in a carry on satchel when they were arrested, They were at home. So maybe they might have discussed possiby trying to blow jets out of the sky with an impossible to do scheme, or maybe not.) So what are Bush, and Blair up to? Could it be this???

Airline Insanity Merely A Beta Test For Police State Caste System

Prison Planet.
Any terrorists on this train?Escalating security measures, body scans, lie detector tests and behavior analysis now being forced upon unwitting human livestock passing through airports are the first stage of an agenda to create a two tier caste system whereby only government authorized citizens will be able to travel and everyone will be subject to intense airport style harassment on city streets.

Just when we thought airline security was starting to become rational again five years after September 11, one carefully timed PR scam has reversed all that and travelers are again treated worse than cattle as they are shoved around airports, treated as criminals and barked at by poorly trained screeners on little Hitler power trips.
The agenda is clearly to maintain a state of alert and panic until such a time that reverting back to ‘normal’ and ‘reasoned’ security measures is forgotten – the new normal becomes the insane and displaying any traits of disobedience to authority figures is taken as a sign of terrorism

10 Responses to “Lets Mix Up Some Chemicals, and Head to The Airport.”

  1. Buzz Says:

    Yes just like HL says do nothing until more people are killed. Do not inconvience the rest of us because something might happen. First let more people die and then do something about it.

  2. Buck Says:

    Buzz, I think you wear a badge. hee hee hee hee

  3. LA Says:


    Let’s bust the REAL terroists! Those Israeli’s that spy on us (those Americans that are loyalists) and stop blaming everyone else.

    Your megaphone is breaking up!

  4. Buck Says:

    Are you saying that people who are loyal to america should be arrested?? Good golly miss molly!!!!!!

  5. LA Says:

    Do you believe that passing US Military secrets and intelligence to a foreign government is loyalty? I consider that treason. If you think that’s okay, then move to fu*kin’ Yisreal.

  6. Buck Says:

    There are british spies in the USA. There are American spies in England. There are American spies in Israel. There are Israeli spies in America. There are American spies in Russia. There are Russian spies in Israel. So on and so on. It is spy vrs. spy LA. If you are new around here enemies and allies spy on each orther. How about that? Now, all things considerd who do you think has and is spying on America the most? Is it little Israel? No its not. Its Russia, China, North Korea, and your best’es buddies in Iran.

    I can tell you do not give a sh*t about America. It means nothing to you that Americans are getting killed by Iranian initiatives. I guess because the USA supports the ‘zionist nation’ we had it comming right? Well that is bullsh*t and you know it. Let me say it one more time for the cheap seats! Taking 5o American hostages and holding them over 400 days, plus killing and torturing American Col. Higgins, plus blowing up 241 marines in Beruit, plus pan Am over Lockerbe Scotland, are all things amoung orthers that are done to America because we support the ‘zionists’! When you attack Israel and loose like was done in the 6 day war, your gonna forfeit territory. Naturally there will be settlements in defeated areas such as palestine. Thats what those arab nations get for attacking Israel! Americans settled in Texas big time after santa ana got droped so I go no problem with it .

    So what is your problem LA? What should be done with Iranian spies we catch? What is your problem with jews? Im not one but I think YOU smile when the holocaust topic comes up.
    Admit you are scared of and hate Israel. While your doing that, Im going to admire Israel for being a little democracy prevailing while being surrounded by some of the most under acheiving failed nations the world has ever known. If you dont like america, then move to Tehran. You sound to me like you would be right at home.


    Me, Im going to eat some barbecue pork ribs drink a budweiser turn up some AC/DC and waive my American flag. Yeahhhhhhhhh!! Do you want to come waive my USA flag LA?

  7. LA Says:

    Nice rant! I’ll have my Jack Daniels on the rocks.

    All you repeat is the same version of history that the media (controlled by zionists) has brought you and what you’ve learned with whatever education you have.

    Let’s talk about spies a moment. I have a problem with US citizens that transfer secret information to ANY foreign government. There are no distinctions here. Treason is treason. Those are not my friends nor the kind of Americans that should be free. They belong in prison serving life.

    You are correct, there are spies of all types in every country. It just so happens that Russians or French, for that matter, aren’t caught. It just so happens that Israelis are caught time and again and nothing gets done about it.

    If an American were caught spying for China, Russia, North Korea or Iran, wouldn’t their punishment be appropriate? If so, then what makes it okay for Israel to spy on the US and use American citizens to do so? You have double standards it appears to me.

    I personally know Iranians that love this country and also love Iran. They’re not the kind of people you characterize them as. That is just your brainwashed mind playing tricks on you. Do YOU have Arabs? Everyting you write about them is negative and not true.

    You don’t know squat about me so you don’t know how I feel about the US. It is true, I despise Bush and those that support him. I think that most people that still support Bush are boneheads and deserve everything that will come their way as a result of supporting him.

    You mention Iran holding US hostages about 26 years ago. Well so what? That’s the past and most people in Iran have nothing to do with that. But yet you also fail to mention the millions of deaths that US bombing of Viet Nam caused. But I suppose in your mind that doesn’t count. If that’s the case, who gives a shit what YOU say? I certainly don’t .

    Do you know very much about US actions in Central American, El Salvador or Guatemala, Nicaragua? We supported the destruction of millions of people there too.

    As far as Beirut is concerned, maybe some of your zionist friends know a lot about that bombing. They claimed to have known it was going to happen but yet failed again to warn us. Some experts claim that the Israelis were complicit themselves. Read “By Way of Deception” by Victor Ostrovsky who was a Mossad agent and reveals what happened.

    As far as Israel goes, they deserve any and all harm that comes their way. They destroyed Palestine, they continue to do so, as if Palestinians never lived there. It’s the other way around. Zionists colonized Palestine murdered, terrorized, lied, cheated, and created the same mess they now have. So I don’t feel their pain.

    The little democracy that you so much admire doesn’t have a constitution. If you’re not Jewish, you basically are not an equal. It’s basically an apartheid system. You can keep Israel to yourself and admire them all you like. It reveals a lot about you.

    You mentioned your concern about US foreign policy, well why is it that Israel dominates US policy? No problems with that? Look what it brought us: wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And if all goes according to Bush’s plans, we’ll be in Iran before you know it.

    I don’t expect to convince you of anything here. I realize that you are intractable so that you may never learn anything beyond what you want to learn or believe. But if you’re so right, then why is it that Iraqis didn’t greet us with flowers and kisses? Why is it that nearly any credible source, including military generals, e.g. Anthony Zinni, and journalists, academicians, policy makers, etc, have all reached a conclusion different from yours? Is it because they’re all wrong? Or maybe they all want to live in Iran?

    Wake dude, the game you claim to understand is way ahead of you. BTW, I forgot to ask you, why the hell don’t you enlist in the Army and go fight in the Middle East? You’re so quick to wish mayhem and destruction on people you don’t even know, it would make sense to enlist and go on the adventure.

    Now I’ll have my JD on the rocks. 😉

  8. Buzz Says:


    I am not sure how that has anything to do with the topic of airline security. I liked your rant anyway, just not sure why you are all up in arms about what I wrote. Or what your reply had to do with it.

  9. Buck Says:

    Hmnnnnnmmmmm! So you know some Iranian Americans? Did they flee here recently? Ive have met a few Iranians. Down here we call them DEFECTORS. People whom have recently had their asses on the line. HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! So they love Iran you say? Aint nothing like a little bludgening to death with rocks now is there? The last Iranian I talked to at his store says his family is imprisoned. He said some pretty bad things about the supreme yo yo if you know what Im saying!

    So drink a couple more rounds my man. And think it over. UP is looking like your only option. Because you got rock bottom squared away. HA HA HA HA HA HA

    If you aint got a USA flag get one. If you do I feel better about you already! ha ha ha ha ha
    Then make you a bacon lettuce and tomatto sanwich. And be proud to be American

  10. LA Says:


    You’re so predictable!