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        Friday, January 20, 2006

       Clueless NO Balls Reid Apologizes To Republicans.

Do you believe this? Just when you think that the Democrats finally have some balls.
I mean just when you think the Democratic Wing of the Republican party have some balls. (You see there is no longer a Democratic Party, there is just the Democratic wing of the Republican Party which includes Reid, Hilary, and the rest of the so called Dems. Then there is the Republican wing of The Republican party, which includes Bush, Cheney, Condi, and the rest.)
Harry Reid's office put out a report detailing the Republican wings corruption and singling out 33 Republican wing senators. Then today he APOLOGIZED. I guess that means that no one in the Republican wing of the party did anything wrong, and we can all go about our business. I guess that means that Jack Abramoff did nothing wrong, and no one took any bribes, and everything is just peachy right Harry? We can also let Bush continue to spy on everyone, and let the Iraq war go on until 2033, when by then there will be over 92,000 dead. Harry, Harry, Harry. What the hell is the matter with you man?? Do you think the Republican wing of the party would ever apologize to their brothers in the Democratic wing of the party? Do you think that Harry? Of course they wouldn't. This is why the Republicans will win the election in 2008, 2010, 2012, and forever. Harry knows The Repubs. did what they did, we know it, everyone knows it, but now that wimpy, winy, little crybaby, had to go and apologize for telling the truth.
Harry is just doing his job, kissing up to his bosses in The Republican wing of his party, Harry's job is to pretend to put up opposition, but then cave in and relent in the end. Mr. Reid does that very well, he is one of the best republicans they have. OK no need to vote on Alito now, just swear him in, so he can get busy giving away the rest of what’s left of this country to Bush, and his Rich Corporate masters. Thanks a lot Harry. Between you, Kerry, Hilary, Lieberman, The Nelson Twins, and everyone else, you are making sure the Republicans wing of your party stay in power for ever.

Minority Leader Reid Apologizes to GOP


At 7:22 AM, XplicitMan said...

Bravo I've been screaming for some accountability from our own elected officials

I seriously theink we should start supporting Independant Candiddates that make firm adamant commitment to holding elected officials responsible for their actions and the law. it would only take the removal of a few right wing demo-rats to get them to start focusing on their base and the issues that matter nost like not allowing elected officials to break the law while ordinary americans are still doing hard jail time for tresspassing and marijuana posession and other petty crimes.

they need to recconnect with the common man and that takes someone with a gift for public speaking and persuasion that just missing in politics today . in an effort to reach the common man politicians have become low brow but not passionate inspiring or persuasive .

At 6:13 AM, Anonymous said...

they have no balls because they have been threatend and blackmailed and terrorized,,,this was all worked out in vietnam during the rein of the pheonex program,,which is in place now in this country...look closely at thier faces..that is raw fear,,from a real viet nam vet, i know! and hitler could sue bush co for plagerism as they have followed his method to the letter


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