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        Sunday, September 04, 2005

       9/4/05 Bush Response Calculated To Send America A Message by H.L.

Bush Administration Response to Katrina Calculated To Send America A Message.
by H.L.

People everywhere today are asking, how could this colossal screw up of a response to Hurricane Katrina have happened? How could our Government have allowed the people of New Orleans, to remain without food, water, and shelter for up to 6 days, effectively killing off the weak, and old amongst them? How could the response have been so slow? Why didn’t Bush do more sooner, about a natural disaster that we knew was coming at least 24 hours before Hurricane Katrina struck?
The answer is that it all could happen, and did happen; because that is the way our Government wanted it to happen. Every move that the Bush administration has made since before Katrina made landfall in New Orleans, and Mississippi, was carefully planned, and calculated to send the people of this country a message, and the message is this: Screw you America, you are on your own. You no longer have a government that is interested in anything to do with you except collect taxes from you, and send you off to fight our wars; Wars that we start for the sake of achieving global control for our evil empire. This is no longer The United States as recognized by the Constitution. We have taken over, and you are under our control. Do not come to us for help, we are not here to help you, we are here to steal all the money out of the U.S. Treasury, steal all the oil from Iraq, which we will sell to you at the highest prices we can possibly gouge out of you.
The coup d’etat is complete. We came in and stole power by fixing elections, our boy lost both times, but is still President. The Congress is completely under our control; that is both the Democrats, and The Republicans. They are not interested in trying to do anything about us, because they are us. We also own The Supreme Court, and the press. Its checkmate, and the American people are the losers. There is nothing you can do about it now, except try to survive as long as you can until we turn the entire nation into one big New Orleans style pit of desperation, and death; while we, your government host lavish parties, on gigantic yachts sipping Cristal Champagne. We will spend our days out buying pairs of thousand dollar shoes, and attending Broadway shows, (as Condi has been doing for the past several days) along with the other super rich people that are our friends, and business partners. Meanwhile you will try to figure out how you will pay for 4 Dollar a gallon gas, and pay your mortgage on a house that is worth less then you owe on it. You better not get sick because there will be no more health insurance for most of you. You will do all this on less money then you ever made before because the corporate mergers of the companies you work for will force you to take less, that is if you are lucky enough to have any kind of decent job at all. If you are poor, then the next time a major disaster hits, (and they will hit believe us, one way or another they will hit.) You can expect to be herded into a big hot building somewhere and left there to rot until you are dead of starvation, and/or thirst. We will not be there to help you, but to kill you. We are not even trying to hide it anymore, we own you, and we will use you as we see fit.
Have you figured it out yet? Could we have been any clearer in sending you this message? When we refused to do anything about Global warming which we know is contributing to more and bigger hurricanes every year, did you figure it out? When we stopped funding for The New Orleans Levee’s that we knew were breaking down, so we could use the money to fight our wars, so that we could steal even more of your money, did you then begin to get it? When the hurricane that we knew would come, was on its way and we ignored your pleas for help did you start to get a clue. After the hurricane hit, and we set up the Bush guitar photo op, while people were already on their roofs hoping the water didn’t rise up much higher, you must have started getting the idea, no? I mean come on, Nero fiddled while Rome burned, Bush strummed while New Orleans sank, surely you must have understood by then. When The National Guard would not allow food to be delivered to starving, and when we locked the dying hungry, thirsty people who were wallowing in there own feces inside the Superdome, even the slowest amongst you must have started figuring it out.
Of course, we have been putting out this message ever since we got here, but our (not so) subtle hints in the past were not picked up by most of you clueless idiots. You know, clues such as stealing the election, tax cuts to our rich corporate friends, 9/11, The Anthrax scare, all the lies about WMDs and the Iraq-Saddam connection, not to mention the illegal war against Iraq. You people did not get any of the hints, so we had to become a little more blatant in our communication to you of what has happened.
A lot of you still have not gotten the point, and you will not until you are hiding in your attic, with only a foot of space between the water, and the ceiling. Good luck, do not say we did not try to warn you.


At 12:16 PM, Mad Kane said...

Excellent post!
Mad Kane

At 5:23 PM, Anonymous said...

Remember to wear your tin foil hat with the shiney side out.

At 10:40 PM, H.L. said...

Tell that to the people guy who got shot because he wanted to leave the Superdome, or to the 8 Contractors who got shot while on their way to try to repair the broken levee's.

At 12:21 AM, Anonymous said...

My solution: buy a gun and plenty of ammo. That's the best defense we have from the predatory government that will keep pushing us into oblivion.

We're just a short step away from Patriot Act III and martial law!

Legal Anarchist

At 2:17 PM, Anonymous said...

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