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May 18, 2005.
They own it now

NY Times

Reporter on Retracted Newsweek Article Put Monica on the Map

Excerpt: Lucianne Goldberg, the literary agent for Linda R. Tripp, the Pentagon employee who tape-recorded Ms. Lewinsky's descriptions of her meetings with Mr. Clinton, recalled Mr. Isikoff yesterday: "He just showed up one day at Linda's office. We don't know how he got in there." She added: "I found him infuriatingly professional. He crossed all the t's, dotted all the i's, double-sourced everything and drove us all crazy. He's like an old beat reporter - kind of a throwback, for someone his age."

H.L.s Take: Its been said before, but I'll say it again. Killing 100,000, no problem. We will all cover for you Mr. President, no matter how many of us have to lose our jobs, and look like idiots. Get a BJ, Impeachment. What a Country.
Bush loves his Beer

Bush trying out some alternative energy

Georgie likes it, President Bush trying out some alternate energy sources

Hes ready for a party, Cowboy George is on the loose

president Bush really loves his job.

President Bush getting freindly with the people

President Bush fooling around with some freinds after tanking a few

NY Times

U.S. Presses Newsweek to 'Repair' Damage From Flawed Report

Excerpt: Justice Owen was, by all accounts, a respected but little-known lawyer in Houston in 1994 when she was first elected to the State Supreme Court with Mr. Rove's support and tutelage. Her experience up to then largely involved obscure legal cases involving pipelines and federal energy regulations.

H.L.s Take: Wow, so maybe Rove is not gay after all. Maybe he's bi. Either that or he knew he could appoint her to a federal judgeship someday where she could help him ruin America so they could get Richer.
NY Times

Rove Guided Career of Judicial Nominee in Filibuster Fight

Excerpt: There is lasting damage to our image because of this report," the chief White House spokesman, Scott McClellan, said at a news briefing. "And we would encourage Newsweek to do all that they can to help repair the damage that has been done, particularly in the region."

H.L.s Take: I guess that means that Newsweek should run for President, steal the election, then go in and clean up Bush's mess in Iraq. I mean come on guys thats the press' job isn't it?
They Love there Bushie


CBS Cancels Wednesday '60 Minutes'

Excerpt: NEW YORK - CBS said Wednesday it is cancelling the Wednesday edition of "60 Minutes," insisting the decision was made because of poor ratings and not last fall's ill-fated story about President Bush's military service. Dan Rather, the newsmagazine's lead correspondent, will contribute stories to the Sunday edition of "60 Minutes," said CBS Chairman Leslie Moonves.

H.L.s Take: You gotta love that. In the very first line of the story, they throw out the lie, "Oh but its not becuase of The Bush story" because they know that we know what a lie is so they figure might as well, deny it right away. Anyone who now works for Newsweek better start looking for a job because they will probably be out of business in a couple of months.
SF Gate

Freedom to disagree by Dianne Feinstein

Excerpt: The U.S. Senate has served as a check on the power of the executive branch for more than 200 years. But today, some Republicans want to unravel the institutions of the Senate over a handful of judicial nominees. I hope that Republicans decide to honor the traditions of our democracy and walk away from the "nuclear option."

H.L.s Take: Hey Dianne, what are you doing taking the Democrats side, oh yeah I forgot, you are a Democrat. Read The Next H.L. Back Issue

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