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Zogby: 90% Iraq Soldiers Think They Are There Due To Saddam Role in 9/11..

Pollster John Zogby has released his latest poll, this one is of U.S Soldiers in Iraq. The Poll called the Le Moyne College/Zogby Polls asked soldiers a number of questions regarding what is going on in Iraq, and why they are there. The most glaring number that stares out at me is 90, as in 90% of the soldiers in Iraq still believe that they are there because they think that Saddam Hussein was involved in The World Trade Center, and Pentagon Bombings on September 11, 2001. This is well more then a year after even the most conservative of news outlets, and the mainstream media have admitted that Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11.

This points up a couple of truisms that are involved in this whole scenario: first, that the average soldier in the U.S. Armed Services has very little to no idea what is really going on in the world, and second, The Army has no desire to teach them. If they did morale amongst troops would be near zero, and recruiting rates would be even lower then they are now because current servicemen would warn future servicemen against signing on to Bush's bloodbath for personal enrichment at the expense of the nation that he swore to protect.

On another note, I read that a separate poll is now showing Bush's approval rating has slid even lower then the previous lows, down to a whoppingly low 34%, which means that the only people who are now still behind him are the completely brain dead, and people who are making money off the administration one way or another, basically the super rich. These surveys always say that Bush polls the highest on National Security, well forget about that now, with Bush's continued stand on his ports deal with the Arabs, and the U.A.E., but even before that, why should the chimp be seen as strong on national security when he had the reigns during the worst act of terrorism ever on American Soil. Clinton did not get 2,330 innocent Americans killed while they were at work; neither did Bush Sr., Reagan, Nixon, Jimmy Carter, none of them. It would seem that Bush should get his lowest marks on National Security instead of his highest, which just goes to show how bad the rest of Jr.s grades are.

Getting back to the Zogby poll, 72% of soldiers think that we should be out of there within one year, and 25% say we should leave now, that means that one quarter of them have seen through the lies and propaganda, and realized the true reasons that they are there. Another interesting poll result: Asked why The Americans at home who believe that we should leave Iraq immediately feel the way they do. 37% believe it is because we are unpatriotic. So that means that 37% of soldiers are complete morons and 25% are smart enough to use their brains for independent thinking. Another interesting statistic: about 85% of reserves and National Guard thinks we should be out within one year, while only 58% of Marines feel that way, more evidence that more education equals greater resistance to Governmental lies and manipulation. My guess would be that many more reservists, and National Guardsman has gone to college compared to Marines who usually go in straight out of high school. No wonder the school systems are so bad nowadays, they need to keep students as stupid as possible so more of them will sign up to fight the Bush Wars.

More Poll Numbers

  • 20% Say its OK to use banned weapons such as Napalm, and White Phosphorus
  • Three quarters of respondents have served multiple tours.
  • Only 17% think they are there to secure oil supplies, or to build permanent bases.

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