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Complete Convention Coverage

Read all about my trip to NYC for The Republican Convention, including the epic story

H.L.Does Time

September 8, 2004.

Hi y'all, I've been doing some fixin' up around the site here. I made a new page which contains all the Convention material. I'm leaving the stuff as is from the last few days for now. Then it will be put as one big back issue. I'll leave the new Complete Convention Coverage page at the top for a while for anyone who didn't see it. Then I'll probably give it a home on the left column over there for a while. I also made a new site map, which contains all the pages on this site for easy access. I will posting some long awaited stories later this morning, thanks for tuning in, stay tuned for more action, and please email me with any feedback/comments Thanks H.L.

September 9, 2004.

Since we are only 2 days away from the anniversary of 9/11, and we now have 1000 dead in Iraq, and 9/11 was our excuse to attack that country. Lets take a look at some people who have done some serious investigating what really happened that day. Bush and the republicans are basing there whole campaign on 9/11. Here's a couple of people who have come to the conclusion that they were behind the whole thing. By the way I just read a poll that says that over half of all New Yorkers believe that our own government was involved. Will anything ever be done about this?

From The Wilderness

Michael Ruppert Speaks Before The Commonwealth Commision.

Michael Ruppert is a former cop, and investigator with 26 years experience. On August 31, 2004. He spoke before The Commonwealth Club. A group of elites who have hosted such past speakers as John Kerry, Dennis Kucinich, James Woolsey (former CIA director), John Edwards, Slade Gordon, and Richard Ben-Veniste, (9/11 Commission members.) In his speech he directly implicates members of the U.S. Government with planning, and helping to execute 9/11. He even names The Big Man behind it all. I won't give it away, but it will come to no surprise to many. Ruppert presents all the evidence like an investigator would present the evidence in a courtroom. Very interesting reading. View The Text of the speech. 


Dissident Voice

Interview With Master Sergeant Stan Goff

Master Sergeant Stan Goff, was a member of the U.S. Military for over 20 years until he retired in 1996. He spent most of his time with Special Forces. He was involved in the training of Special Forces for many years. Goff has looked at the evidence and also come to some very unsettling conclusions. On October 10, 2001. Goff wrote an article called The So Called Evidence is A Farce.  As well as many other pieces on the subject since then. Read the interview with Goff here.

September 10, 2004.

Hey, how you all doing today. Hope your having fun, whatever your doing. Well I have been unable to contact anyone so far regarding my September 24, court date for my arrest at the convention. So I may have to be going back to NYC in less then 2 weeks. I don't really want to go back that soon, but I don't want a warrant for my arrest in my home town either. I'm going to make some calls about this today. If I do go back full coverage here about The trial of The Hollywood Liberal. Stay tuned. Here's a cool thing I found in The Village Voice.

Doormen in Blue: The Guest List at Pier 57.

The Honor Roll

The Voice has published a list of almost all of the 1793 People arrested at the RNC, and yes my name is on it. Have a look.

Here's some people that are trying to fight the arrests by providing help for the defendants.

National Lawyers Guild

Upcoming Hearing re: $470,000 Fine Against NYC for 8/31 Arrestees

NYC Peoples Law Collective

These people are putting out some good information. 


September 13, 2004.

We're Back

Hey folks, what's happening. If you tried tuning in, during the last few days you saw that I got knocked offline due to too much site traffic. Thank you all for checking out the site. I have now upgraded my site traffic allowance, so visit often no more worries about getting kicked off.

Going Back to New York.

I've been making some calls to the National Lawyers Guild, and even to the NYC Court House. I find out that if I don't show up for my September 24, Court date, I will have a warrant out for my arrest which I can be picked up for here in California, and technically they can hold me for up to 30 days while NY decides what they want to do. So therefore, I will be heading back to NY for the hearing next thursday. Full details here on the site, stay tuned.

September 14, 2004.

Here's an interesting article by Justin Raimondo, at Anti-War.com

While You Weren't Looking...

...they lost the war.

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