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November 25, 2004.

I'll take some white meat with gravy, and some mashed potatos, oh and a Heineken would be good



Happy Thanksgiving from H.L.





In the business we call this a Launch

Welcome to The Very first airing of H.L.T.V.

As promised here is the interview with Alex Ryabov, USMC, and now Iraq Veterans Against The War. Alex had just recently returned from Tikrit when this was shot. He was being interviewed at the time by a couple of other people, and I joined in and shot the footage; I also got a few questions in toward the end. This was shot right in front of The World Trade Center right before I got arrested On August 29, 2004. My Premiere episode of H.L.T.V. has been on ice ever since, until now. Of course it should have been much longer and better, but I didn't get very far, and they wouldn't let me keep the camera in Jail. Ok so here it is.

H.L.T.V. Interview With Alex Ryabov USMC, IVAW.

Alex talks about telling the "new guys" that its not fun and glamourous over there, but they have to find out the hard way. Thats a scene right out of All Quiet On The Western Front; which was written right after World War 1. I saw the 1930 Movie version recently. Some things never change.

Ok heres an old classic. Back in the old days of Rock N Roll Radio, they used to play this song every year on Thanksgiving. Its an anti-war, song about getting arrested and getting drafted, that takes place on Thanksgiving day. This song should make a comeback becuase its pretty relevant right now. Here it is.

Alice's Restaruant.

by Arlo Guthrie

OK everyone, enjoy your Turkey, and Football games.

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