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August 24, 2004

How's it going. Once again it has been a couple of days since I have posted. I am leaving for New York Saturday Morning. and will be there most of the week. I still have to work the next three days and only have a few minutes here, as I have to get up early in the morning. Here's some more protest info. for NYC courtesy of United for Peace and Justice.

August 29th Protest Map


Getting There by NJ PATH Train

Unfortunately Roland the photographer can't make the trip due to his recent knee surgery, so I will be out there writing the stories, and taking the pictures with help from my lovely female assistant. Tune in next week for daily, or even hourly updates as to what's happening both inside, and outside of MSG.

OK got to go unfortunately. I love working on the site and will be updating daily starting in NY and after I return


August 29, 2004 

Half Million Protest in N.Y. (Revised estimate)

I just stopped back to the hotel room for a few minutes. a half  million people are here in NY today protesting the RNC and the illegal monkey. The protesters started marching from 23rd st. and 7th Ave. moving past Madison Square Garden at 12 noon, and as of 4:17 PM they are still marching past the garden.. I was at the very start of the march, right next to Michael Moore, and Jesse Jackson. We went from 23rd up to 34th, turned right went up to Broadway, then turned right and went down to Union Square which is at 17th St. When we got to the end of the march. we turned around and started walking back against the crowd which just kept coming at us in waves. Now 5 hours later there are people who are just at the starting point and will cover the entire legnth of the march. I have never seen a demonstration this big ever. Any Republican ditto monkeys watching this must be wondering where all these people came from. Among the crowd are 1000 coffins draped in American flags, that are bieng carried to represent all the people who have died in Iraq. It is an awesome sight. Ok were going back out into the crowd more later H.L.

NYC Convention Trip Report Day 1

August 30, 2004 

NYC Convention  Trip Report Day 2 (Big Sunday protest)

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