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H.L.Does Time

November 3, 2004.

God Help Us Now

Kerry Concedes

Like Gore, He never planned on winning. The Skull and Bones fix was in from the start and a nation gets hoodwinked again

AP: Bush Wins Race As Kerry Concedes

I was in the middle of the whole frenzy last night. I had Air America Radio streaming, I was in the Bartcop live chatroom with 100 other pundits, and prognosticators, I had the TV going, and I was trying to post to the site. When all of a sudden in the middle of it all, my cable goes out. I have no TV or AM radio reception so I must have Cable. I felt like a caveman in the dark. When I wake up this morning, the cable is back, and we've been screwed. Once again. Retarded Assholes who couldnt read a fucking childs book, or have an independant thought get to decide how the people from California, NY, and New England, get to be screwed over for another 4 years. So I guess I won't be getting any health insurance, or a full time job, anytime soon. Thanks guys. More later. H.L.

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