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H.L.Does Time

November 2, 2004.

Not Looking Good.

They've got Bush leading 195-112 Kerry hasn't won a state in hours. If all the states that are leaning toward Bush stay that way its over and we lost. However they say the city precints are usually the last ones to report, and since they are usually Democrats, we still have a chance

Kerry Wins N.J.

5:30 PST. If thats true, this thing could be over already

Zogby calling it for Kerry

Zogby is calling 312 for Kerry with 2 states still uncounted.

Zogby Poll

They're Doing it Again. In The Same Place.

Last time these people got together we all wound up in Jail

November 2, 2004 For immediate release P R E S S R E L E A S E ANTIWAR DEMONSTRATION ON WALL STREET FOLLOWING ELECTION DAY New York, NY - The War Resisters League will march in a solemn procession from "Ground Zero" to the New York Stock Exchange, on Wednesday, November 3, 2004. Demonstrators will gather on the western sidewalk of Church Street (at Cortlandt) at 8 am. Carrying coffins to represent those killed in war, the group will march single file on the sidewalk to the NYSE. The NYC War Resisters League marks Election 2004 by asserting real democracy -- voting with our bodies, not just our ballots. We vote to end war, we vote to end killing, we vote for schools and jobs and justice. And in a time marked by war and killing, building a world of peace and justice will take more than punching a card or pulling a lever. "The real story of the Bush/Kerry race is that neither candidate has listened to the millions of Americans who say, 'Bring the Troops Home Now, End the War in Iraq and Afghanistan,'" said Ruth Benn, Coordinator, National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee, and a member of NYC WRL. "We can't fight terrorism with the terror of missiles, bombs and occupation." "Our goal is to bring the war to those who are profiting from its blood and destruction," says participant Bill Steyert, a member of Veterans for Peace who served in the Navy during the Vietnam War. "While billions of dollars are being made off the war by the companies represented in the New York Stock Exchange," says participant Tom Good, with the Socialist Party, "we just have to look around New York City to see the costs of Bush's war policies -- education funding cuts, more expensive subway services, cutbacks at hospitals and emergency rooms, closed fire stations." In the meantime, both Bush and Kerry have accepted large contributions from corporations on the NYSE. The NYC WRL is part of the War Resisters League, an 81-year-old secular pacifist organization whose members believe that war is a crime against humanity and advocate Gandhian nonviolence as the method for creating a democratic society free of war, racism, sexism, and human exploitation. On August 31, 2004, a day of direct action during the Republican National Convention in NYC, an estimated 230 WRL identified activists as well as legal observers, journalists, and bystanders near Ground Zero were falsely arrested. The War Resisters League plans to march again on November 3 to assert our constitutional rights to free speech and assembly. Protest and dissent are the backbone of our democracy, and such actions are desperately needed to raise questions and consciousness in times of war, terrorism and fear.

They put out another state by state polling map today. I didn't think they would. The tally Kerry 262, Bush 261, the only undecided state? New Jersey. Theyve got Kerry leading in Florida, by 4 percentage points. Kerry also has Pennsylvania, but only by 1 percentage point, they've got Bush taking Ohio. So you Jersey people. Listen to your boss, and get out there and vote. More Later H.L.

Voting Stories

Send in your voting stories and if they are good I'll put them up here.

From Susy in New Jersey

The polling places opened here at 6 AM. Since this is a swing state I wanted to get there early to Vote for Kerry. This was my first time voting here in New Jersey, so I took the sample ballot, and looked for the address. When I got there it was a regular house, with no lights on, I wasn't sure what was going on, and was about to go wake them up when I looked on the sample ballot again, it said the polling place was a Fire House. There was a Fire House up the street. They had the wrong address on the sample ballot.I went over to the Fire House which looked equally deserted. No signs or anything. I finally went around to the back, and they had a little polling place set up in a dark back room. The lady there looked like she had had a rough night and still hadn't had any coffee, she was in a pissed off mood. There was one person who was there before me, she looked kinda, crazed, like she had been waiting a long time. They give her the ballot, and she starts yelling out. "What if I don't want to Vote for any of these people!" The pissed off polling lady was getting even more upset. They finally hustled the lady out of there, and I got to cast my Vote for Kerry at 6:10 AM

From H.L. in Hollywood

I was awaken by a phone call from an overzealous voter from the east coast at 5AM, after going to bed at my usual time of around 3:00AM. I couldn't get back to sleep. I was going to go out and vote at 6, but then I found out that the polls didn't open until 7. I went out to Del Taco for a breakfast burrito to kill some time. I showed up at my usual polling place, that I've been going to for years. Every time I've been there it was always empty. I got there at 7:10, and there were 40 people on line. I would say that 90% of them were voting for Kerry, as this is the the most liberal town in America. These people were mostly professionals who have to be at work at 9. And dont mind waiting on line for an hour to vote. I do, and left. I'll go back later when the initial rush dies down. For now, I'm going back to bed H.L.

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