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November 1, 2004.

Breaking News: I just talked to one of my people in Northern Florida, When I was there in April, I drove from Miami to Tampa, The whole south part of the State was Demorcatic, and the whole North part of the state (Which Tampa is a part of) looked like it was in The bible belt, with a church on every corner, and Bush supporters all around. She told me there are Kerry signs everwhere, and Bush signs nowhere. If Kerry wins North Florida, he wins the whole state, and the election.

Warning: Todays posting contains a picture that some may find offensive. Others will laugh there Asses off. If you think you might be offended DO NOT scroll down to the 3rd picture. H.L.

Stay with H.L. on Election Night.

I will be staying up late on election night, monitoring every detail from every state. I will be posting to the site, as events unfold all night, keeping up on whats happening. If I get relevant email during the night, I will post that as well in order to keep a running dialogue with the H.L readers all night. If anyone runs into any foul play when they go out to vote, I want to know about it right away. So we can get the story out immediately. Live election night coverage on H.L. Stay with us.

It looks like even Judges have no had enough of Karl Rove, and his strong arm tactics of Having a gang of idiots at polling places in Ohio, and other close race states. The purpose of this was they say, to verify that people who were voting were actually eligible to do so. Do you believe that? After not letting so many people who were eligible, to vote in Florida last time, now they want to challenge every voter who they think will vote for Kerry. The real purpose of this is to make the process so slow that the lines would back up for hours, forcing people to leave in disgust, and not vote at all. I get the feeling that they were going to have the majority of these Yahoos stationed at polls in neighborhoods where you could tell who was voting for Kerry. One dead giveaway, would be the color of their skin.


Judges Bar Party Challengers at Ohio Polls

They will stop at Nothing

Florida State Elections Office Evacuated

Final State by State Electoral Poll Map

If you've been staying tuned to H.L. the past few weeks you see the poll maps we've been placing up here. I have also reported that the one I use, seems to favor Bush even when the others do not. My rationale was that since Bush is going to steal a bunch of votes anyway, that this poll map is the most accurate, in that it factors in the thieving, as well as the actual vote. Ok so todays the day, the final poll map, whats it going to be? drumroll please....(The crowd gasps in nervous anticipation)..TA-DAHHHH.

Kerry 298 Bush 231

If these guys are saying it, maybe it true.. Lets go to the map

They'll be out in force on Tuesday

The people in the smart states are finally making that last minute decision. We got Florida, We got Pennsylvania, We got Ohio, We got Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. If this holds up we'll be doing some partying tomorrow night, but we know its not going to be that easy, so get out there and vote, and if any Republican challenges you or trys to stop you, Kick him right in the Balls, and stomp on his head. And mabye by tomorrow night we will be singing... Na na na na. Na na na na, Hey hey hey gooodbye.

Cant wait to see him behind bars

As the legendary Chick Hearn used to say.."Its nervous time at the White House"

Because this could be Jr.s next residence

Cant wait to see him behind bars

The White House Spinmiesters are trying to say that the Osama video helps Bush, But heres what really happened.

Cant wait to see him behind bars

I got this picture a while back from Bartcop.com, the coolest site on the web.

US journalist punched, arrested by officer outside Florida voting office

The journalist was breaking a new law, that was never announced. So instead of the cop informing him of the law, and telling him to move along, The cop tackles, punches, and arrests the journalist. His crime? taking pictures of people lined up to vote.

Ok guys thats it Dont forget H.L. will be here all night tomorrow. POWER TO THE PEOPLE

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