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October 30, 2004.

So What's it Going To Be?

As we get down the final 3 days before the election. The tension is starting to grow. No one knows what's going to happen. So many possible scenarios; will Kerry get enough votes to offset the thievery, thuggery, and outright blatant attempts to steal, a second straight election? Will the conservative religious whacko's and the wealthy with tax cuts on their minds, hand Bush a second term? (not likely), will the election be declared a tie in 7 different states, with no clear winner, and cash bonanza for Lawyers, Judges, and various people of the legal persuasion? Will the Surpreme Court step in and say "One Moooorrrre Tiiiiime?." Will the administration pull off any further, and more vicious attempts to scare people into staying home and hiding under their bed, with a shotgun, on election day? Or, has Karl Rove come up with something unique and nefariously brilliant, that no one has even considered? STAY TUNED?..

Think 2000, was the first time an election was stolen? Maybe not.


Was Nixon Robbed?

While I was posting this article on Slate I saw that their headline is

Kerry Pulls Ahead 272-266

You need 270 Electoral Votes to Win. But lets not pop those Champaign Corks Just yet. According to The State by State Map that I frequently put up here, the one that I said figures the theiving into its poll totals still has Bush ahead 281-236, although they don't update until morning. This just goes to show how uncertain it all is. I tell you though this is really starting to remind me of '92, when Old Man Evil (I mean Bush) just kept seeing the lead shrink, and shrink. The closer it got to election day, the more obvious it became that he was done for. Back then though it did start a little earlier I remember telling people about 3-4 days before election day that it was over, and Bill Clinton was the New President. Of course that was a long time ago

Only one more day

aaahhhhhh               Run for you life                  Get the hell out of there.

Heres one from Wing TV. The World Independent News Group. Great Article, Browse at your leisure

Osama Bin Con-Job

The boooogeyman

You know I remember reading a while back, in a story about how Bush will try to steal it, that a few days before election a new Osama tape would surface, and its here right on time. Have you seen it? I could probably find it and put it up here, but I am not going to waste my time with that garbage

Check out Ted Rall's Latest

They'll be out in force on Tuesday

OK, I gotta cut out, Working all this weekend so gotta get some sleep. I'll be back tomorrow with a special Halloween issue. Take care. H.L.

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