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Read all about my trip to NYC for The Republican Convention, including the epic story

H.L.Does Time

October 25, 2004.

Heres that story I promised on Saturday. Its from Dissident Voice. Very interesting reading.

Two Pampered Children of Wealth Skull Vs. Bones.

We all know that a ton of new voters are being registered for this election. The L.A. Times is saying that a double digit margin of them favor Kerry. If this is true it could (should?) Carry Kerry to Victory. Considering that most of the polls interview "Likely Voters", and they don't consider first timers "likely", they have the best chance of not showing up it seems. However, this year I feel that most of them will show up, and with razor thin margins in many of the battle ground states, the balance should be tipped in Kerrys favor. Heres the story.

New Voters' Impact Debated

Speaking of the campaign. According to The State by State Electoral Poll Map, Florida has now become a dead heat again. leaving neither candidate with the 270 Electoral votes needed to win. Also Hawaii, which was strong Kerry before is now also a tossup. Its possible that Hawaii, with only 4 votes, could decide the election. Have a look,

Bush 254 Kerry 253

Its neck and neck

So to all my Hawaiian freinds out there, a message: Yo brau, take a break from Sandy, Makapuu, and Country, on Nov.2, and head over to the polls and vote that traitor Bush out of The white House. Even if its 6 to 10 out there, you gotta take an hour off. It will still be big when you get back. Don't forget to bring your freinds along when you go. Smoke a fatty of pakalolo with them if you have to. Its important brau. Mahalo.

                                       whoooo ooooooo

Integrity of Florida E-Voting in Doubt

By RACHEL KONRAD, Associated Press Writer

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - With polls showing nearly equal numbers of Florida voters for President Bush (news - web sites) and Sen. John Kerry (news - web sites), the election's outcome may again hinge on a Florida recount. And the more that Floridians learn about how voting machines work, the more they question whether the 15 counties with paperless voting systems can accurately count and recount votes.

Don't worry boys its in the bag
HL Photo


Edward Bitet fought in World War II, built affordable housing for veterans and taught sixth grade. When the Long Island native retired to Florida, he fulfilled another civic duty by becoming a poll worker.

But Bitet, 77, isn't volunteering this year; he says he doesn't trust Palm Beach County's electronic voting machines. He walked out of a county demonstration of touch-screen terminals convinced that software bugs could wreak havoc on Nov. 2.

"We lost an election four years ago because they fooled around with the paper ballots and couldn't recount them," said Bitet, a Democrat. "Now we're moving to a system without paper, and they won't even have the ballots to recount. I can't be a part of this."

Problems in those 15 counties with paperless voting systems; home to just over half the registered voters in the crucial swing state; could delay the results for days or weeks, and even force the courts to step in again and choose the next president. More than 1.5 million people have registered to vote in Florida since the 2000 election, for a total of more than 10.3 million eligible to vote this year, state officials say. Given Florida's botched election in 2000, when the Supreme Court halted a recount after 36 days and handed a 537-vote victory to Bush, political tension is palpable in the Sunshine State. Election officials are hoping for a landslide so big that even thousands of deleted or misrecorded ballots won't change the outcome. But if this proves to be another ultra-close vote, many critics of electronic balloting; including the many Democrats who believe the 2000 election was stolen; say they'll take to the streets. "I was angry last time. This time it'd be quadruple the anger," said Francois Jean, 27, whose ramshackle ranch house in Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood is festooned with Kerry placards. "The system we were supposed to believe in failed us; like we didn't even vote, like we were aliens from outer space who didn't count." David Niven, a political science professor at Florida Atlantic University, expects massive demonstrations if exit polling is close and lawsuits and technical problems overshadow a clear victory. "I don't know if there will be rioting in the streets with pitch forks and torches; after all, many of these people are 75 years old," Niven said. "But it's fair to say that their level of anger will grow exponentially from four years ago."

Read The Rest Of The Story

Only 6 More days until Halloween.

             althought 2 days later will be much scarier                          If Bush wins it will be bone chilling

I got to hang out with some people that were really into Halloween on Saturday night. I went to an Edgar Allen Poe, and Edward Gorey, festival at The Huntington Library in Pasadena. This is a huge compound that was the former home of Samuel Huntington. A guy who about 100 years ago, owned half of L.A. They had several different performances from both artists being played out by actors. There were 8 different shows going on simultaneously. Each one lasted about 20 minutes, and you could go from one performance to another by walking along the dark paths that led from one building on the estate, to another. The performances were for the most part held outdoors by torchlight. It was very dark, and spooky. After it was over I went with a bunch of the actors back to one of their houses for a little late night party. It was lots of fun.

Thanks to Tommy, Tally, Michelle, and the rest of the cast, for inviting me.

This revolving email sign is smarter then the PresidentFrom Julian O.

I'm new to the hollywoodliberal. Beverly Hills Liberal temporarily residing in Buenos Aires. Got link to your webpage through SmirkingChimp. Keep up the good fight, and let's hope we will be rejoicing come November 3. Everyone around here, (been traveling thru Peru, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia and finally here in Argentina) is decidedly anti-Bush and unfortunately becoming somewhat anti-American. Bush is definitely hurting our image south of the equator.

Julian O.

H.L. Responds: Julian, thanks for writing in. Yes I can see how the people down there could be starting to become anti-American. We need to show them that its not us, Its the Bush Syndicate. The only way to show them that is to get him out on Nov.2. I'm sure you are telling (and showing) them that we are not all like them. By the way, I hear Brazil is nice, I may be coming down there If Bush wins, so let me know if there are any nice apartments availabel with high speed cable modems. Keep in Touch

                                        From the very depths of Hollywood

The Statistics of Shame just keep piling up


Number of US Troops Wounded in Iraq War Tops 8,000

And by wounded, were not talking sprained ankes, and broken arms. Its missing arms, legs, eyes, injuries that will make sure that these young men, and women, will never live a normal life again. Thanks to the Evil Bush cronies, and creeps.

Heres one from What Really Happened

9/11 Video's The Controlled Collapse of WTC 7

Looks like a controlled implosion

Mark Fiore had a funny new Animated Video Check it out

The Terrorist Hunter

OK guys I'm outta here, see ya on the morrow. H.L.

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