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H.L.Does Time

October 23, 2004.

H.L.s 3 Month Anniversary Episode.

This cake is smarter then the President

We got a late start today, because I was out partying last night with a "Good Freind" of mine, who's in town for a couple of days. Actually I was hanging with several "Good Freinds"

Well its hard to believe its been 3 months already. It was waaay back on a hot summer day, on July 23, 2004 the crude HTML stylings of H.L. first hit the airwaves. (or should I say were shot up into cyberspace) I want to thank everyone who has read, written in, and helped make this site what it is. And we are going forward with many new plans to make it even better. Since I can now get my video camera back from the NYPD, I'm going to try to come up with a way to make this into a real TV show. stay tuned

Unfortunately we have to start out with a bummer of a story today. If you were here yesterday, you saw the story of the girl who was killed by the Boston Police Department. Heres more. With H.L. comments

Boston Debates Police Force, Riot Weaponry

H.L: Turns out the "Non Lethal" Weapons that killed the girl were meant for Protesters at The Democratic National Convention.

By DENISE LAVOIE, Associated Press Writer

BOSTON - The death of a college student who was hit in the eye with a pepper spray-filled projectile has sparked anger and questions about whether police used too much force to break up revelers after the come-from-behind victory by the Red Sox.

Doesn't sound like there was any question about it to me. And who had these "Questions" The BPD. Any reasonable person would have no doubt about it.

Police Commissioner Kathleen O'Toole said police are considering discontinuing the use of the weaponry that killed Victoria Snelgrove as officers tried to contain an estimated 80,000 fans who poured into the area Wednesday after Boston beat the Yankees in New York.

At this point they are only considereing it. I guess if a few more innocent people get killed they will then "think seriously" about it. And after the World Series If a whole group of people get gunned down by the cops. maybe they will "plan a discussion about it."

O'Toole said the officers showed "great restraint" but had to fire the projectiles after a few revelers set small fires and threw bottles at police and vandalized property, endangering others. Snelgrove, a 21-year-old Emerson College student, was hit in the eye and died hours later.

So a couple of people in a crowd of 80,000 set a newspaper on fire, and someone throws a bottle (Since the cops were probably surrounding the place, no matter what direction a bottle was thrown in, it was in the general direction of a cop) So the cops then figure that the situation is getting out of control so that means its time to start pumping rounds into the crowd. A little side note here: When the Lakers won the NBA Championship in 2000. (the only one of the three they won in L.A.) I was at the game, and a similar celebration broke out afterwards. It was just a bunch of people having a good time. Someone set a newspaper on fire, that went out in about 30 seconds, and some drunk dude dove into the fire. When I got home there was a message on my phone from my girlfriend. "Oh my god, she was saying, the news is saying that a big riot broke out at the Laker game and I wanted to see if you were OK?" "Riot?" I said, "what riot, there was no riot" The next morning in the paper there was a picture of a guy jumping into the fire, and they made it sound like World War 3 had broken out, when it was nothing." I have heard similar stories when other teams have won a championship. The Media, and the cops can't wait to make it sound like Armageddon, then the cops have a reason to kill.

The plastic balls of pepper spray, which are propelled from devices similar to paintball guns, are meant to help police control large groups without injuring people. "We want to use the least force necessary in order to maintain the crowd," O'Toole said. "Very unfortunately, it resulted in a horrible action."

What a load of crap, If the cops see certain people blatlantly breaking the law, they can step in arrest them, that would be showing restraint. Not shooting indiscriminatley at whoever is moving.

Mayor Thomas Menino said more police will be at neighborhood bars during the upcoming World Series to make sure fans do not get too drunk or rowdy, but he backed off his threat to ban alcohol in the area during the games.

So now there going to start paying cops overtime to hang out in bars? (In full riot gear no doubt) and make sure that no one gets rowdy? I can see the scene now. Someone jumps up and yells "Go Cardinals" and BANG. He was getting rowdy so we had to kill him and eliminate the treat to the community.

Instead, the city and bar owners agreed to limit the number of people lining up to enter Fenway Park-area clubs and to prevent live television coverage inside the bars so patrons do not get rowdy as they play to the cameras.

And to make sure that no cops accidentally get caught showing that "Great Restraint" they are so famous for.

Fifteen people, including a police officer, suffered minor injuries in the game's aftermath, and Boston police reported eight arrests, mostly for disorderly conduct.

Yep sounds like it was a real combat zone over there. 15 injuries, and 8 arrests in a crowd of 80,000. If you got 80,000 buddhist monks together you would probably get as many problems.

Several people who were near the area where Snelgrove was shot said the crowd seemed under control when the pepper-spray balls were fired. Doug Conroy, 33, of Portland, Maine, said he and several other people had climbed the rafters of Fenway's famed Green Monster when police began to order them back down. He said he saw an officer in riot gear shoot something into the crowd below him. He said he heard a woman scream, then heard sobbing. "A lot of people then looked over and saw her lying awkwardly on the sidewalk and blood coming out of her nose. She wasn't moving and we were just hoping she was just unconscious," Conroy said. He called the police action "an egregious overreaction." "There was nothing violent going on. It was all celebration," he said.

Boston police bought the projectile weaponry for crowd control during this summer's Democratic National Convention, but did not use it then because protests remained relatively subdued.

Do you believe this. They were going to use it to kill Protesters who were excersizing their rights, but the crowd didn't start any problems. "No worrys though, we can save it to kill innocent Baseball fans" I guess if the Yankees had won the NYPD would have just put a big orange fence around Yankee staduim and arrested everyone.

Melvin L. Tucker, a security consultant who specializes in the use of force by police, said "less-than-lethal" weaponry has become an increasingly popular among police departments around the country over the past five years as a replacement for tactics such as nightsticks and tear gas.

So this was they can kill and maim, and then have the excuse But it was supposed to be non-lethal

"This is generally a lot safer. It's a real tragedy," said Tucker, a former police chief of Tallahassee, Fla., and Asheville, N.C.

Yeah I'm sure hes really devastated by it.

Grief turned to anger at the offices of the Boston Herald, where readers called and e-mailed to complain about a graphic front-page photo of a bleeding Snelgrove lying on the ground. The newspaper issued an apology for that photo and a smaller one inside Thursday's editions.

Of course the Whore Media started salivating when they saw that picture. Cash registers lit up in there heads. Then when people show outrage, what do they do? apologize, then as a way of showing how sorry they really are they run a the same picture only smaller the next day. There way of saying "see we feel bad, but hey where whores, and whores are all about making money," The scum.

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H.L: He should have thrown in Kevin Brown, Javier Vazquez, and most of the rest of the team as well

OK guys thats it for today. Tune in tomorrow when we will have an important story that may make you want to think twice about voting for Kerry if you live in a non-swing state. Peace. H.L.

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