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H.L.Does Time

October 21, 2004.

How you all doing today, We got a some interesting stories, a funny video, a comic, and a bunch of other cool stuff, so pour out your favorite beverage and lets get to it. We'll start with this one. You might have saw this yesterday, but the story is not over.

L.A. Times

Sinclair Retreats on Kerry Film

They were facing advertiser revolt, and plummeting stock prices, but they are not cancelling the showing of the piece of trash, what they decided to do is to cut it up, and show pieces of it, with a narrator in between, so they are still showing it, just not the order that the editor put it together. We need to stay on this companies Ass, because this is not good enough. If they get enough pressure, (from advertisers, consumers, and the stock market) They will drop the whole stinking piece of turd. If you want to write in and give these guys a hard time. Heres some phone numbers/email addresses

News Hounds

Never believe themDirect contacts for Sinclair Broadcasting Group

Michael Moore is sponsoring video stores across the nation to rent Fahrenhiet 9/11 Free of Charge.


Mike has also personally made statements that he won't mind if you download the film and pass it around

Marc Perkel

Download Fahrenheit 9/11 Here

Hey Its almost Halloween, have you got your pumkin done up yet? I got mine

ooooh its scary

So what was Pat Robertson on yesterday, In a stunning ramble, he suddenly blurts out something like "You know I told Bush that we have to be prepared for Casualities when we invade Iraq, and Bush replies, "Dont worry there wont be any." Roberston then goes on to say that he had "Deep Misgivings", and that the lord told him it would be a "a disaster" and "messy" Wait a minute, I'm a little confused here, I thought God speaks through Bush, and then Bush tells Roberson what he said. So now he's talking to both of them, but telling them opposite things? Robertson apparently realizing that he just stabbed his master in the back, then says "But I still believe he (Bush) was sent here by God"??? Looks like old Pat hedged a little, becuase he suddenly realizes that Jr. is no longer the golden child shoo in.

Any way Bush is denying that he ever said it (Gee what a surprise.)


No casualties? White House disputes Robertson comment

Looks like we got a special deliveryfrom George Dubya Pussy & Saddama Bin Laden

Hi HL,

Not sure whether you've seen our videos or heard our songs over at NHIV.com but I think they'd be right up your ally. Spread the word.

Fight terror with terror...

George Dubya Pussy & Saddama Bin Laden

New Horizons In Violence

H.L. Responds

I checked out a couple of the video's, You guys are pretty damn funny. I'm going to post some up here on the site. Thanks guys


This one is called

So lets send him to the front

I'm A War President

H.L. T-Shirts are coming soon, I know I've been saying that for awhile, but its True, I swear

Kerry Widens lead in the State by State Electoral Poll Map

Kerry 291 Bush 247

Is it possible?

Al Franken is starting to make a move on the Radio ratings scene


H.L. T-Shirts are coming soon, I know I've been saying that for awhile, but its True, I swear

Heres one from In Comtempt

You sir are in comtempt take him away

Ok guys its time for H.L. to pour out a Heineken if you don't mind Twist one, Turn up the Duuude, that is so trippyand get mellow. Peace. H.L.

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