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H.L.Does Time

October 20, 2004.

So how accurate are polls. Here's one from about a week before the last election.

Make Them Accountable.

October 27, 2000 Web posted at: 6:23 p.m. EDT (2223 GMT)

By CNN Polling Director Keating Holland

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Today's CNN/USA Today/Gallup tracking poll continues to give George W. Bush an advantage over Vice President Al Gore.

Never believe them

While not a prediction of the voters' choice in November, Friday's results show Bush garnering 52 percent of the vote and Gore drawing 39 percent. The survey of 851 likely voters was conducted October 24-26 and has a 3.5 percentage point margin of error?

2 Faces of Evil

Dick Cheney with and without the Human Mask

Never believe them Never believe them

You know its going badly when The Marines are complaining


Marines Vent Frustration in Western Iraq

Move on.org has a video that blatlantly shows Bush lying about not caring about Osama, in the last debate

Watch It.

Heres another one directed by that noted Liberal from Hollywood, Rob Reiner

George Bush, He's Not On Our Side.

Here's a good one from The Humor Gazette

Saddam Pens Anti-Bush Poetry

(Reuters) -- Saddam Hussein is passing his time in solitary confinement by reading the Koran, writing poetry, gardening and snacking on American-style cookies and muffins;

Hey thereThe Humor Gazette has obtained several of Hussein's poems from a source close to the guy who smuggles in his favorite Oreos, Keeblers and Little Debbie Snack Cakes.

The Iraqi human rights minister who visited him in prison said Hussein, who used to get his cardio workout by butchering people for 30 minutes each day, has put on 11 pounds and is thinking of starting the Atkins lo-carb diet. He is also being treated for an itchy beard and suffers from chronic dictator's elbow.

In addition to writing poetry, the Iraqi rhapsodist spends his days drawing Devil horns on photographs of President Bush and silk-screening his new line of "High-Value Detainee" apparel.


"Ode to George W. Bush"

Bush, you oil-sucking piece of devil dung

You took my country and whacked my sons and yanked me from a rathole
but you are messing with the wrong "cowpoke" my mentally challenged friend

You swore I had nuclear yellow cake mustard gas bombs
and linked me with that Osama douchebag
so when my freedom tunnel is finished
I'm gonna get Mesopotamian on your ass

You killed your own people to take me out
and now you're stuck with my stink forever

Plus, you and your God can shove it cause Allah says you suck


Roses are red
Violets are blue
Dubya got boned
in the butt by Abu


Bubble bubble oil and trouble
Bush is dumber than Barney Rubble


The madman has even tried haiku

"Camel Dung"

Naked aggression
Mother of all warmongers
Halliburton rules


"Read My Lips"

Daddy Bush missed me
Georgie Junior bagged Baghdad
Mission accomplished

Al Gore says the thievery is already starting

Boston Herald

Gore Warns of Grab by Bush

I've been reading through the Sex Harrasment Suit that has been brought against O'Rielly. It seems a little sketchy. To start with, she continuously accepts his invitations to dinner, despite the fact that he talks about subjects that she says she is uncomfortable about. Her remark is always "Bill, Your my Boss" Then at one point after this has happened several times she goes to his Hotel room with him, alone, To watch a debate. (but nothing happened). Eventually she gets tired of the act so she quits Fox, and goes over to CNN. Problem solved, right? Wrong. For some unexplained reason she decides To Go Back To Fox. (For the same salary) At which point O'Rielly begins harassing her again. It was Bill that talked her into coming back. He would call her at home, and even though he was no longer her boss, and was Sexually harassing her, She takes all his calls and even lets him talk her into coming back. I don't know. If I was in a job situation that I hated, and was able to leave, and go to an equally good job. I don't think I would consider going back to the first place. (Especially not for the same salary that I was already making at CNN)

Now don't get me wrong, I hate O'Riellys act as much as anyone, I'm just saying....He probably really did say all the things she claimed. But somehow I don't think she really felt all that harassed by it. That doesn't make what O'Rielly did right, (If he did it) but if you talk in a certain way to a person, and they don't object to the way you are talking, then you would probably keep talking the same way, If you really didn't think you were offending anyone.

If you haven't seen it. Heres The Complaint.

The Smoking Gun

O'Reilly Hit With Sex Harass Suit

Ok thats it for now, I may have some more stuff a little later. Thanks to everyone for Hanging with H.L.

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