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October 18, 2004.

John Stewart on Crossfire

John Stewart went on Crossfire, and as they say "bitchslapped" Tucker Carlson, and that other guy. If you haven't seen it Here it is.

Stewart on Crossfire

So I heard Bill O'Rielly, punked out on Bill Maher. I had a feeling he wouldn't show up. Did you see the clip of Stewart on The Daily Show. This must have been done before O'Rielly's Sexual Harrasment Lawsuit, because it is not mentioned. O'Rielly comes across in this interview, as reasonable, and moderate, he claims he's undecided on the election. Even though he once vowed that if The Weapons of Mass Destruction turned out to be false, that he would denounce Bush, and never support him again. Stewart did not call him on this, and you know he knows about it. I guess he was trying to keep it civil. It just proves what a Whore O'Reilly is that he can be reasonable, and moderate, on The Daily Show, and such a partisan boor, on his own show. You be The Judge. Heres The clip

B.O. on The Daily Show

Soldiers who refused order knew it was a suicide mission

The Dothan (Alabama) Eagle

Reservist who refused mission calls mother from Iraq, pleads for help

           Watch out for the Peyote

Heather from Arizona, who wrote in a couple of days ago. Had a strange vision in the desert, but it turned out to be real. It wasn't a lizard, or a reptile... it was.


So, I go to my District 11 Democrats meeting which was obviously cancelled without notifying me. Whatever. I am driving home and at the intersection I see news vans, cops and freakin' Secret Service agents swarming. I realize that it's the pResident himself having dinner at Dick's Hideaway(appropriate name eh?). I do a 4-wheel drift in my PT Cruiser into the parking lot, call my son at home and tell him to grab the Kerry yard sign and get down there. He books it to the location where Bushies are gathering by the minute. I stand out on the corner with my Kerry/Edwards sign and button on my Boston Red Sox t-shirt. The crowd starts chanting "4 more years, 4 more years". That sealed it - the son and I started chanting "Kerry, Kerry, Kerry" to drown them out. Some older women join us and several cars driving by are giving us the chant back along with the thumbs-up sign.

Then a Fox 10 news guy asks if he can interview me. I tell him absolutely. He gets my name and asks me why I am there and I tell him to show my displeasure with Bush. He then asks how I knew the man was there and I tell him that I saw the crowd and KNEW it had to be him so I had to stop and protest. He asked why I was voting Kerry and I tell him "to bring honesty and integrity back to the White House". My son is taking pictures with his Palm Zire 71.

The pResident then piles into his limo and drives by and I am waving my sign in his face shouting "Kerry, Kerry, Kerry" while the Secret Service is keeping an eye on me. Several of the Bushies start yelling at me and as Bush drives by I see his fat, pasty white face maybe 10 feet from me looking out the window and waving. I wave my sign at him and give him the thumbs down (which was not my first hand gesture inclination). After he drove by I was almost physically ILL from seeing his ugly mug. As I am walking back to my car one old geezerly Bushie starts to get up in my grill saying "not Fonda Kerry" and "Kerry is a loser". I yell "Bush Lied, Soldiers Died" and the dude thought he would intimidate me until my big, beautiful 6'3" son comes up beside me so he runs like the weasel he is. The son and I stand there sickened that we saw the man so close - it was creepy. We really wished we had dropped 'trou and mooned him.........ahhhhh, "hindsight" is 20/20.

check out Heathers blog


Common Dreams

Tens of Thousands Throng London to Protest Iraq War

People take to the street against Bush worldwide
Some of the tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of central London to protest against the Iraq war as Prime Minister Tony Blair struggled to shake-off fierce criticism of the invasion back home. (AFP/Carl De Souza)
Bush has many skeletons in the closet, amonst other places.
Anti-war protesters pull a sculptures through the streets of London, Sunday Oct, 17, 2004, as thousands of anti-war and anti-globalization activists marched through central London, to protest the U.S.-led coalition's presence in Iraq. The march to Trafalgar Square marked the culmination of the third European Social Forum - three days of speeches, workshops and debates largely dominated by Iraq and the U.S. presidential election. (AP Photo/John D McHugh)











The Humor Gazette

Osama world's least popular baby name

By Chris Elliott

Bush has many skeletons in the closet, amonst other places.

Moderate Arabs in America face a peculiar and growing crisis -- what to name their children. Largely due to the rapid pace of enemy-making under the Bush doctrine, more and more famous terrorists are being cranked out every day, gradually winnowing the available pool of appropriate Arabic baby names.

For instance, it would take a really "in your face" fundamentalist Muslim to name his kid Osama. Likewise, Muktada is now unavailable to the moderate Muslim family. While he is unknown to most Americans, the terrorist exploits that have landed Amjad Husain Farooqui at the top of the Sindh police's most wanted terrorist list, have removed the very popular name of Amjad from the lexicon of available Arabic baby names.

As if Abu Nidal's terrorist activities weren't enough, the spate of car bombs in Iraq attributed to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has resulted in the name Abu dropping drastically in popularity. The same is true of the name Omar, the moniker of the blind cleric who masterminded the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

There is always the default name of Mohammed as an option, as Mohammed Atta's high profile participation in the terror attacks of September 11 notwithstanding, the chief prophet of Islam will never be eclipsed by any single terrorist. Still, most modern American Arabs are looking for something with a bit more panache than the tried and true Mohammed.

Other second tier terrorist names, not well-known in the states yet, but still famous for terrorism among those in the know include Shoukat, Asif, Naveed, Syed, Chhota, and Asim.

"It's terrible really," said New York City cab driver Ahkmed Hassim. "Our first son, Osama, was born in 1995, and now all of the kids at school are constantly bombarding him with spitballs, knocking his turban off, that sort of thing. We have another child on the way, and we don't want to make the same mistake again."

White Americans have traditionally fallen victim to relatively few scourges, and as such have not had to deal with the problem of a lack of appropriate baby names. As long as Mom and Dad stay off the sauce through the paperwork and avoid "Adolph," "Ghengis," and "Tojo," it is usually smooth identity-sailing for little Egbert. Not so for followers of Islam.

"Look, it's already hard enough enduring the stares and muttered curses," Ahkmed Hassim said. "We don't need people to think we're trying to make a point with our children's names. I blame Bush for this. If he weren't so unilateral in his foreign policy, there wouldn't be this kind of violent reaction from the Islamic world. One thing is for sure. If it's a boy, I'm definitely not naming him George."

Ok Guys thats it for now. Have a good one. Whatever it is. H.L.

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