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August 2, 2005


Seven U.S. Marines Killed in Western Iraq

H.L.s Take: That makes over 1800 soldiers that died for the lies. This War is disgraceful.
we get lettersfrom Grant
You cry baby liberals would be running to get behind me when the boogie man shows up...talk about food clothes and gay shit..stay away from the war issue..does not fit you girly-boy lifestyle. Oh Yeah..I am a Vet.
;-) Grant
Veritas vos liberabit

H.L. Responds:
Grant, Thanks for writing in. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to write.
When the boogey man shows up? Oooh I'm so scared, but then again that�s what they want it isn't it. Everything that Bush stands for is based on fear.
Keep the people scared, and you can do anything you want, commit any kind of atrocities you want, and it�s all OK because its all in the name of protecting the cowering masses.
Well tell you what, I'm not scared, that gives me the freedom to do, or say whatever I want.
If Bush and Cheney want to perpetrate another terrorist attack against the people they are sworn to serve, there's nothing I can do about it, but I'll be damned if I will give up my constitutionally guaranteed freedoms so Bush can turn this country into Nazi Germany.
War is a business. Bush, Cheney et al are getting very rich off that business, they will do anything to keep the war going. Like everything else in life its all about the money. Glad you made it out.

Independent Institute

The Politics of Troop Withdrawal

In Iraq, like everywhere else, if things don�t add up, it is safe to assume that politics is involved. Although the insurgency in recent months has worsened, Gen. George W. Casey, the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, astonishingly claims that security in Iraq has improved and that substantial U.S. troop withdrawals are possible by as early as next spring. What gives? The congressional elections in 2006.
heres another letter from the mailbagfrom Dick
Frists turnabout was really no change from his previous well known position on embryo stem cell research. 2 years ago he was on the record as in favor of government financed research. And stem cell research will continue with or without US Government funding. As small as that US Government funding is, President Bush s funding commitment was the first dime that the US Government spent on stem cell research. Bush s predecessor Bubba did not commit US Government money to stem cell research.
Next; about your anti war nonsense. Why don t you direct this anti war crap at countries that harbor and support the terrorists that started this�Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia and France!. This war is about killing the rats that want to kill you and me. We go where they are. And Iraq is as good a place for rat killing as any place. It could have been France! Syria is next. Then Canada! Remember 9/11. They might get you next time.

Canada??? Yeah lots of terrorists over there.

H.L. Responds:
Thanks for writing in. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to write.
If Frists turnabout is no change from his previous position, then that makes him a whore doesn't it. Going against what you believe in for money, or power, is the very defintion of the word. Perhaps Clinton didn't spend any money on stem cell research because only within the last couple of years have the technological advances been there to use stem cell research. You think if Clinton was President now, he wouldn't be spending a lot of money and effort on something that could be potentially life saving for so many people?

Then we come to 9/11, the magic cure all for everything that Bush does. Thank God for 9/11 or Bush would not be able to wage war for profit against any, and everyone he chooses. Since 9/11 I have done literally thousands of hours of research, and believe me, the story the mainstream media puts out about that attack, is not the real story. 9/11 happened so Iraq, Iran, Syria, could happen. As far as France is concerned you right wingers hate them because they would not participate in the war, even though they were right. Even Walter "Freedom Fries" Jones agrees with that. Old Walt decided he could not look in the mirror anymore so he decided to stop whoring for Bush. Most republicans who are in charge now don't care how deep the Hypocricy runs, as long as they are making money off it.

Financial Times of London.

World turning its back on Brand America

The US is increasingly viewed as a "culture-free zone" inhabited by arrogant and unfriendly people, according to study of 25 countries' brand reputations. The findings, published online today, will add to concerns that anti-Americanism is hurting companies whose products are considered to be distinctly "American".
keep those cards and letters rolling on inFrom lonleystar@charter.net

You Commy Basterd

H.L. Responds:
Thanks for writing in with your unique insight to me and my website.
I appreciate anyone who takes the time to write. 2 things though
1. I am not a Commy, Communism is an economic system invented by Karl Marx. In communism everyone would make the same amount of money whether they were a Doctor, or a streetsweeper. I have never advocated that.

2. Its not Basterd, its Bastard. Nice try though.

ABC News

Fitzgerald Still Questioning Witnesses, Zeros In On Rove

Based on ABC News sources (and our own video camera) it appears that at least two witnesses testified before the grand jury last Friday, both close associates of Karl Rove. ABC News has learned that one was Susan Ralston, Rove's long-time right hand. The other, per ABC News' Jake Tapper, was Israel "Izzy" Hernandez, Rove's former left hand (and now a top Commerce Department official). It isn't clear if either had been asked to testify before last week.
ok we got time for one more><strong>from Grant</strong><br />

<span class=Wow......someone actually read what I sent..wish I could say as much about Wexler down here in Boca.
.Old Billy Joel song..we didn't start the fire..9/11 remember..if they would have blown up LA you would be screaming for revenge...Bush does not make laws..if we become Germany blame this on Congress....
Bush and Cheney getting rich off war....you better do some research..both made more money prior to office..Dick is worth 30 plus million..W about 18 plus million..also define they..Congress voted 99% for.... war, spending, homeland security...so who is they.
Where not a great deal of the left going to leave country if Bush was elected...bye bye....ever get to Boca look me up..have a few drinks trash a few brain cells..you might even learn something Peace Out. :-}

Dick Cheney's public service career began under the Nixon administration in ... Cheney's net worth, estimated to be between $30 million and $100 million, ...
www.nationmaster.com/encyclopedia/Dick-Cheney - 130k - Cached - Similar pages

According to Slate magazine, George W. Bush has a net worth of around $9 million
to $26 million, and John Kerry has a net worth of about $165 million to ...

H.L. Responds:
You are right about Congress. The problem is that Congress, Democrats, and Republicans are basically all on the same side, they split the country in half on opinion so that while we are fighting each other, they are setting up an Orwellian nightmare version of the world.
I am not a Democrat because I do not believe they care about us any more then Republicans do. I mean look at the last election, Skull and Bones Vs. Skull and Bones, these guys are all in the same clubs.
I have done extensive research about secret societies and since 9/11 I have done literally thousand of hours of reading and learning. I'm sorry but I believe that Bush Sr. and Cheney knew about 9/11 in advance and let it happen.
As far as Bush and Cheney's net worth: It's a zero sum game to them. No amount of money is ever enough. No amount of power is ever enough, You know that Cheney still owns a very large block of Halliburton stock, and they are the ones getting all the no bid contracts. When Halliburton makes money, Cheney makes money, this is a very sick thing since he will probably be dead in 5 years, but that�s what its all about.
Would be interesting to get together for a drink next time I'm down your way, I have people down in your area and occasionally make it down.


NY Times

Triumph of the Machine

Excerpt:The answer is that the administration is getting nowhere on its grand policy agenda. But it never took policy, as opposed to politics, very seriously anyway. The agenda it has always taken with utmost seriousness - consolidating one-party rule, and rewarding its friends - is moving forward quite nicely.

Almost Forgot, We get email from people that like us too.

finally someone likes usfrom Anne
Your strip on Ma Barker Bush and her Social Security tour was really funny and I sent the link to many of my friends and family.
Keep up the good work.

H.L. Responds:
Anne, Thanks for writing in, and your feedback. Stay tuned for more comics, if you haven't seen it here is a page with links to all the comics
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