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John Nichols: Minimum Wage Debate Could Doom Scott Walker

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on October 16th, 2014 11:08 pm by HL

John Nichols: Minimum Wage Debate Could Doom Scott Walker
From: Nation in the News

John Nichols appeared on All In with Chris Hayes Wednesday night to talk about how the minimum wage debate in Wisconsin could doom Scott Walker’s re-election campaign and tank his presidential ambitions.

Freezing Eggs Is an Extreme Example of How We’ve Privatized the Work/Family Clash
From: Bryce Covert

It's important for women to have access to egg freezing if they want it, but it's a terrible solution to the fact that our society makes it so hard to parent and work.

What Will Protect Black Americans From Police Violence?
From: Melissa Harris-Perry

Police interactions have gone viral, but will that stop the brutality?

Scott Walker’s Minimum Wage Argument Is Even Dumber Than You Think
From: Zoë Carpenter

Why opposing a wage increase while simultaneously bashing government assistance isn’t just callous—it’s also dumb policy.

Pre-Season #FreePalestine NBA Protests Come to DC
From: Dave Zirin

Israeli basketball fans say it’s just a game. Palestinian fans say it’s their game too and are disappointed the NBA has taken away a safe space, an escape from conflict.

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