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Victory Laps And Conspiracies: Conservative Media Respond To Eric Holder’s Resignation Announcement

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on September 25th, 2014 11:08 pm by HL

Victory Laps And Conspiracies: Conservative Media Respond To Eric Holder’s Resignation Announcement

Eric Holder Reportedly To Resign As U.S. Attorney General

NPR: Eric Holder To Announce His Resignation. On September 25, NPR reported that Attorney General Eric Holder plans to announce his resignation. Holder, the nation’s first African-American attorney general, has served as America’s top cop since President Obama’s first term. According to NPR, Holder intends to continue serving until the confirmation of his successor. [NPR, 9/25/14]

Right-Wing Media Respond With Cheers And Conspiracies

Fox’s Todd Starnes: Holder Resignation Will Make America “A Little Bit Safer.” Fox News radio host Todd Starnes tweeted that Holder’s resignation would leave America “a little safer,” later adding that Holder had waged a “ruthless war on liberty”:

[Twitter.com, 9/25/14; Twitter.com, 9/25/14]

Laura Ingraham: “What Are The Race-Baiters Going To Do Now?” Contributor for both ABC News and Fox News, Laura Ingraham responded to Holder’s news on her radio program by asking, “what are the race-baiters going to do now?” She went on:

INGRAHAM: Where will Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson go? Where is their lifeline? Who is going to be their advocate? What about all these people who want to vote fraudulently without ID? Who’s going to represent their interests at the Department of Justice? What about all these illegal aliens who want to come here and be sent to sponsors and have hearings that take place decades from now? Who’s going to speak for them? [Courtside Entertainment Group, The Laura Ingraham Show9/25/14]

Townhall.com Editor: “We Did It Guys.” Townhall.com editor Kevin Glass responded to news of Holder’s resignation by declaring via Twitter, “We did it guys”:

[Twitter.com, 9/25/14]

The Blaze’s National Security Editor: “Holder Was A Vindictive Partisan.” The Blaze’s national security editor and radio host, Buck Sexton, tweeted that the attorney general was a “vindictive partisan who distorted justice”:

[Twitter.com, 9/25/14]

Fox’s Katie Pavlich: Holder Resignation “Convenient.”  Fox News contributor and Townhall.com editor Katie Pavlich tweeted that Holder’s move was “convenient,” tying the annoucement to a Fast and Furious court order:

[Twitter.com, 9/25/14]

NRO’s Geraghty: Holder “Stepping Down To Spend More Time With His Guns In Mexico.”  National Review Online editor Jim Geraghty tweeted:

[Twitter.com, 9/25/14]

Erick Erickson: Holder “Has Loyally Served As Barack Obama’s Cockblocker.” In a Septemeber 25 blog post for Redstate.com, Fox contributor and Redstate.com editor Erick Erickson wrote that Holder “has relentlessly screwed up most everything he has touched,” going on:

News is just coming across the wire. Holder has been Obama’s friend and companion for six years. He has relentlessly screwed up most everything he has touched. He has overseen a Department of Justice that has been complicit in killing American border patrol agents and covering up abusive government. In the vernacular of the kids these days, Eric Holder has loyally served as Barack Obama’s cockblocker.

And now he is resigning.

The only reason Eric Holder would do this now, before the mid-term elections, is if he was pretty sure he’d have to deal with a Republican Senate next year. A nomination and confirmation fight is just another area to be politicized before the 2014 mid-terms when the nation has turned against Barack Obama on a host of issues and Republicans are revving up attacks on both the IRS and Benghazi. [RedState. com, 9/25/14]

Brent Bozell: Holder “Deserves To Be Investigated By The FBI.” Responding to Holder’s resignation, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell asserted that Holder “deserves to be investigated by the FBI” for his role in “scandals”:

[Twitter.com 9/25/14]

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