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Archive for April 9th, 2013

Pro-Gun Absolutism From the Right

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on April 9th, 2013 11:08 pm by HL

Pro-Gun Absolutism From the Right
Will Marshall, The Daily Beast

Obama’s Second-Term Agenda Stalls
Howard Kurtz, The Daily Beast
I was listening to a couple of congressmen chat privately about the prospects for immigration reform, and they agreed that the time had come to roll out a bipartisan plan in the next week or two.What was striking was how optimistic they were that the Senate was on the verge of cutting a deal, which in turn would boost their efforts to pass a bill in John Boehner's House.

Hillary Clinton and the Experience Trap
Julian Zelizer, CNN
(CNN) — Hillary Clinton could be an excellent presidential candidate for the Democrats in 2016. After suffering through an extremely difficult loss in the primaries against Barack Obama, Clinton has managed to strengthen her resume.As secretary of state, she improved her standing on foreign policy and earned more respect among Democrats who had been skeptical of her positions ever since her vote on the resolution to authorize force in Iraq in 2002.

Thatcher & Reagan: Strong-Willed Leaders Allied
Tom Brokaw, Guardian
When Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan were leading their countries in new directions during their respective terms in office, it was the strongest transatlantic partnership since the second world war – for, however much they differed in style, they shared the same vision.She was the feisty prime minister, a strong-willed and articulate contrarian. He was equally strong-willed, but in the more accommodating cloak of an Irish-American storyteller who was perfectly cast as president. For the movie, think Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy (or the magical Meryl Streep for both…