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Bloomberg’s Liberal Ideas Lack Supporting Data

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on April 6th, 2013 11:08 pm by HL

Bloomberg’s Liberal Ideas Lack Supporting Data
Tim Carney, Examiner
When liberal nanny-staters infringe on their citizens' freedom to enjoy anything from soft drinks to semi-automatics, they often flatter themselves as being science-based technocrats. But look into the science behind these government intrusions and you'll find little to no evidence justifying the power grabs. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg gets the “technocrat” label in the media (Time magazine referred to his “technocratic, data-driven governing style”), and liberal outlets have touted his various impositions on New Yorkers' lives as “backed by…

How Machiavelli Saved My Family
Suzanne Evans, Wall Street Journal
From the beginning, it was total chaos. There were endless chores, to say nothing of the logistics of caring for four kids under 8 (two from our previous marriages and two we'd had together). At the same time, I had just started a new full-time job writing legal briefs from home, and I was trying to finish a dissertation for my Ph.D. in history. All of which meant that I was trapped inside for days at a time with my kids, whose constant bickering was driving me nuts. Like millions of other modern moms, I tried to change them by yelling and nagging. This, of course, only made their…

China Is Hacking the World

Federalism Attack on DOMA Is a Trojan Horse
Linda Greenhouse, NYT
Beware of conservatives bearing gifts. Ever since last week’s frustrating Supreme Court argument in the Defense of Marriage Act case, I’ve been wondering whether the attack on DOMA will turn out to be a constitutional Trojan horse. It may bring victory: the demise of a spiteful federal statute, enacted by an opportunistic Congress and signed into law 17 years ago by a cowardly Bill Clinton. But at what price? You might have thought the case, United States v. Windsor, was about equality: marriage equality, in the graceful current locution. The two lower federal courts that…

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