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Don’t Take Your Guns to Town

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on April 2nd, 2013 11:08 pm by HL

Don’t Take Your Guns to Town
William Daley & Roseanna Ander, WSJ
The American criminal-justice system often penalizes petty offenses too heavily but is too lenient on a crime that is far from petty: illegally carrying a gun in public. When someone carries a gun illegally, a heated argument can swiftly turn into a fatal altercation.Much of the national discussion in the wake of the Newtown schoolhouse shootings has focused on limiting gun ownership by high-risk people. But to truly address the many homicides committed in America's cities, lawmakers also need to ensure there are real consequences for illegally carrying a gun on the street. Regardless of…

Children With Birth Defects: The Gifts We’d Lose
Kyle Smith, NY Post
As mothers tend to do, Britt Sady loves her child Noah. He’s 3 years old and recently to his delight she taught him the word “fart.” That Noah has Down syndrome hasn’t diminished Britt’s love.But won’t he become increasingly a source of frustration and even disappointment? Isn’t raising a Down syndrome (DS) child supposed to be a nightmare? Sady asked a friend raising a 14-year-old son with DS, “When does it get hard?”

Offensive Comment Unlikely to Derail Don Young
Scott Conroy, RCP
In his four decades as Alaska's lone representative in the U.S. House, Republican Don Young has shown a penchant for creating controversy that is perhaps matched only by his resilience following such gaffes.Young's use of an ethnic slur during a radio interview last week (he referred to migrant workers who once picked tomatoes on his father's California farm as "wetbacks") was just the latest in a long line of off-color or inflammatory remarks that the nation's second-longest-serving GOP congressman has uttered in public over the years.But coming at a…

The Test Score Racket
Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
WASHINGTON — It is time to acknowledge that the fashionable theory of school reform — requiring that pay and job security for teachers, principals and administrators depend on their students' standardized test scores — is at best a well-intentioned mistake, and at worst nothing but a racket.I mean that literally. Beverly Hall, the former superintendent of the Atlanta public schools, was indicted on racketeering charges Friday for an alleged cheating scheme that won her more than $500,000 in performance bonuses. Hall, who retired two years ago, is also accused of theft, conspiracy and…

Ft. Hood Victims Shamefully Denied Purple Hearts
Andy McCarthy, PJM
What fact do you suppose is better known: (a) that Nidal Hasan has been incarcerated since he killed 13 American soldiers and wounded several others while screaming, “Allahu Akbar!” in the 2009 Fort Hood massacre, or (b) that his victims were denied Purple Heart medals by the U.S. government?Obviously, by leaps and bounds, the answer is (a). And for this reason, among several others, it is patently disgraceful that the Obama administration and its minions in the hyper-politically correct Pentagon brass are denying those soldiers shot by Hasan the military honors they are…

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