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Archive for March 22nd, 2013

Too Little, Too Late for Obama in Mideast

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on March 22nd, 2013 11:08 pm by HL

Too Little, Too Late for Obama in Mideast
Con Coughlin, Daily Telegraph
If Barack Obama was under any illusions about the massive challenge he faces trying to re-engage in the Middle East, he had a rude awakening the moment he arrived in Israel on his first visit to the Jewish state as US president.As Mr Obama prepared to meet Israeli and Palestinian leaders, Hamas militants based in Gaza fired two rockets at the Israeli town of Sderot. No one was hurt in the attacks, but the symbolism of this latest act of unprovoked violence on the part of Islamist hard-liners serves as a graphic reminder to the president of the huge task he faces in attempting to rebuild…

The Failures and Future of the American University
Reason Magazine
The economist Herbert Stein once said that something that can't go on forever, won't. That observation, sometimes called Stein's Law, could well turn out to be the theme for the current decade. But nowhere is it truer than in higher education. American higher education is first in the world, but it can't go on forever on its current path. Colleges are raising tuition and fees every year, at a rate of increase that far outpaces any reasonable expectation. One might think this is the kind of thing that couldn't continue forever, but that's precisely what has been…

Are Dems Tearing Themselves Apart?
Stanley Kurtz, National Review
While the country has been focused on post-election divisions among Republicans, a major fault-line within the Democratic coalition has been steadily widening. A growing and rapidly radicalizing climate movement is ever-more at odds with Democrats devoted to traditional economic issues like jobs.