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Obama’s 1-2 Punch?

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on January 17th, 2013 12:08 am by HL

Obama’s 1-2 Punch?
Thomas Friedman, New York Times
If election campaigns are supposed to be an exercise in coming to grips with our biggest problems, then the one we just went through was a dismal failure. Our only real solution — a strategy to reignite consistent growth so we can narrow our income gaps and lift the middle class — never got a serious airing. Instead, each side was focused on how to secure a bigger slice of a shrinking pie for its own base. This lousy campaign produced the worst of all outcomes: President Obama won on a platform that had little to do with our core problems and is only a small part of the…

Cuomo, O’Malley: Ready for Prime Time?
Josh Kraushaar, Natl Journal
Politics is often a very easy business to cover. The transparency with which politicians try to exploit short-term changes in public opinion can sometimes be painfully obvious. And such is the case over gun control, with Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, both 2016 presidential hopefuls, looking to pass ambitious gun laws in their home states.What separates the pretenders from the contenders is the ability to anticipate the most consequential issues in 2016, not react hyperactively to the moment's headlines. Gun control is currently the issue du jour, with…

Cuomo’s Leadership on Gun Control
Mike Lupica, New York Daily News
So now New York is the first state to officially change its gun laws in the aftermath of Newtown. So Albany, once viewed as the lounge act of state politics in this country, once again shows you the possibilities of how government can still be on the right side of history.This all happens a month and a day after the murder of 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary, 20 of them children. Happens big and loud because Gov. Cuomo continues to show his constituents and the country that he can bring people from both parties together, and in so doing bring his state to the kind of moment it had on…

Obama’s Gun Plan Faces Tall Odds in Congress
McPike & Huey-Burns, RCP
President Obama's sweeping — and contentious — gun-control package, unveiled Wednesday at the White House, stands little chance of success on Capitol Hill, where a divided Congress continues to squabble over even the basic legislative task of raising the debt ceiling.If the recent fiscal cliff negotiations are any indication, lawmakers will have a difficult time passing almost anything on the president's 2013 agenda — which also includes other divisive issues such as immigration reform and energy legislation. Economic issues remain a top priority for this session of Congress, and…

Obama Takes on Extremism on Guns
E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
WASHINGTON — President Obama went big in offering a remarkably comprehensive plan to curb gun violence, and good for him. But his announcement Wednesday is only the beginning of a protracted struggle for national sanity on firearms. Extremists have controlled the debate on guns for many years. They will do all they can to preserve a bloody status quo. The irrationality of their approach must be exposed and their power broken.Far from acting as if his work was now done, the president made clear that he is fully invested in seeing his agenda realized — and fully prepared to lead a national…

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