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Stop Playing Games With ObamaCare

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on November 18th, 2012 12:08 am by HL

Stop Playing Games With ObamaCare

GOP Drags Country Down Conspiracy Path
Andrew Rosenthal, NY Times
There are still unanswered questions about the Benghazi mission killings"“remaining fine details about what happened that day, what the intelligence community knew (or didn't know) before the attack, whether better security around American diplomats could have prevented the tragedy. It's not surprising that, directly after the incident, there was some confusion as to what, exactly, had taken place. Just as it's not surprising that questions remain two months later. At least it's not surprising to serious people with a background in military and…

Oklahoma Doctors vs. ObamaCare
Jim Epstein, Reason
Three years ago, Dr. Keith Smith, co-founder and managing partner of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, took an initiative that would only be considered radical in the health care industry: He posted online a list of prices for 112 common surgical procedures. The 51-year-old Smith, a self-described libertarian, and his business partner, Dr. Steve Lantier, founded the Surgery Center 15 years ago, after they became disillusioned with the way patients were treated at St. Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma City, where the two men worked as anesthesiologists. In 1997, Smith and Lantier bought the shell…

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