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Campaign 2012: The End of Political Truth?

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on November 6th, 2012 12:08 am by HL

Campaign 2012: The End of Political Truth?
David Corn, Mother Jones
The most significant public statement from a presidential campaign this year did not pass through the lips of a candidate. It came during the Republican convention in Tampa when Mitt Romney's pollster, Neil Newhouse, declared at a breakfast panel organized by ABC News, “We're not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers.” With these words, Romney's chief numbers guy was issuing a manifesto: This campaign is about saying whatever needs to be said to win, reality and facts be damned. It was an appropriate slogan, for the 2012 campaign has been profoundly…

Obama: From Hope to Bitterness
Kyle Smith, New York Post
Watch the campaign news segment with the sound turned down. You can see what’s happening in their faces: Mitt Romney is earnest, optimistic and forward-looking. Barack Obama is sour with sarcasm, peevish, defensive and even downright angry. Nineteen-sixty John Kennedy has turned into 1974 Richard Nixon.Whatever could be bothering this former apostle of light?By downgrading its adulation, the country has let President Obama down, and the president, whose bizarre dislike for people was compared by one of his own aides to Bill Gates somehow achieving supremacy in the world of software…

Independent Voters Give Romney Chance to Win Big
Josh Jordan, NRO
Get FREE NRO NewslettersLog In  |  RegisterFollow UsNovember 12 Issue Subscribe to NR Renew November 12 Issue  |  Subscribe  |  RenewThe CornerThe one and only.Return of the IndependentsThe days after Hurricane Sandy brought a small bump in President Obama’s numbers against Governor Romney and in job approval. This was easily explained by the positive television coverage Obama received about his initial statements on relief efforts and with his…

Wave Goodbye to the Obama Media
Carlson & Patel, The Daily Caller
By tomorrow night we’ll likely know the name of the next president. But we already know the loser in this election cycle: political reporters. They've disgraced themselves. Conservatives have long complained about liberal bias in the media, and with some justification. But it has finally reached the tipping point. Not in our lifetimes have so many in the press dropped the pretense of objectivity in order to help a political candidate. The media are rooting for Barack Obama. They’re not hiding it.

Romney for Ike-Like Peace & Prosperity
Kevin Ferris, Philadelphia Inquirer
Though it's not fashionable to look favorably on the 1950s, voters today might want to consider the choices people faced 60 years ago, the leader they elected, and the stability and prosperity that resulted.In 1952, Americans wanted change.The previous 12 years had been exhausting, marked by wars and recessions and scandals. As the Democrats were in charge, and had been for two decades, it seemed likely that the GOP would benefit from the hopes for new leadership.

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