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Netanyahu’s Neocon Gambit

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on September 14th, 2012 11:09 pm by HL

Netanyahu’s Neocon Gambit
David Remnick, The New Yorker
It is hard to overestimate the risks that Benjamin Netanyahu poses to the future of his own country. As Prime Minister, he has done more than any other political figure to embolden and elevate the reactionary forces in Israel, to eliminate the dwindling possibility of a just settlement with the Palestinians, and to isolate his country on the world diplomatic stage. Now Netanyahu seems determined, more than ever, to alienate the President of the United States and, as an ally of Mitt Romney’s campaign, to make himself a factor in the 2012 election—one no less pivotal than…

Cascade of Anti-American Violence Roils Middle East
Paul Richter, LAT
WASHINGTON "” The cascade of anti-American protests in the Middle East this week is a jolting reminder to the White House of a dangerous dimension of the “Arab Spring” revolutions: Freedom for long-suppressed Islamist groups that weak elected governments can't manage and that America can't control.Although President Obama welcomed the uprisings that toppled authoritarian leaders like dominoes last year, attacks on U.S. missions and other protests across the Middle East and North Africa have created a deepening crisis in Washington as White House aides…

To Be Presidential, Romney Must Be Truthful
Jonathan Alter, Bloomberg
Presidential campaigns sometimes turn on big moments that help voters ponder the central question they have about every challenger: What would this person actually be like as president?These aren’t the same as gaffes, which are slips of the tongue that may be politically damaging but say little about the candidates except that they misspoke. 

President’s a Good Bet to Win Re-Election
Charlie Cook, National Journal
By this time next week, there should be enough national and state-level polling data to present a pretty clear picture of where this election stands, post-Labor Day and after whatever bounces the candidates may have gotten from the conventions. But we have seen enough data in recent weeks to draw some preliminary conclusions about the contests for the White House, the Senate, and, to a lesser extent, the House.The presidential race is still close and, in a tight election, either candidate can win. Any number of events, not the least of which are debates, campaign gaffes, and domestic or…

Can Rahm Reform Chicago’s Schools?
David Brooks, New York Times
Modern nations have two economies, which exist side by side. Economy I is the tradable sector. This includes companies that make goods like planes, steel and pharmaceuticals. These companies face intense global competition and are compelled to constantly innovate and streamline. They’ve spent the last few decades figuring out ways to make more products with fewer workers. Economy II is made up of organizations that do not face such intense global competition. They often fall into government-dominated sectors like health care, education, prisons and homeland security. People in this…

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