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Why Not Uncle Ben’s Crazy Housing Sale?

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on July 24th, 2012 11:08 pm by HL

Why Not Uncle Ben’s Crazy Housing Sale?
Ezra Klein, Washington Post
There’s no mystery as to why Congress is not doing more to help the economy: Disagreements between Republicans and Democrats have paralyzed the institution. In February 2011, congressional gridlock almost shut down the federal government. In August 2011, it almost caused a global financial crisis by breaching the debt ceiling. Markets are beginning to worry — rightly — that congressional paralysis might push the economy over the fiscal cliff in January 2013. At this point, the best we can hope for with Congress is that it will manage not to make things much, much…

On Syria, Mitt Offers Criticism But Few Distinctions
Scott Conroy, RCP
For months, Mitt Romney has characterized President Obama's response to the uprising in Syria as feckless and naïve.Although he has stopped short of supporting the airstrikes that Republican Sens. John McCain and Lindsay Graham have advocated, in an interview Monday on CNBC, Romney portrayed the president's handling of Syria as emblematic of Obama's overall failure to project strength in the Middle East."America should've come out very aggressively from the very beginning and said Assad must go," Romney said.Obama has been publicly calling for the…

What Romney’s Returns Won’t Tell Us
Richard Cohen, Washington Post
To paraphrase Rhett Butler, I don't give a damn if Mitt Romney releases more of his tax returns. I expect to learn nothing from them, aside from the fact that he is very rich and has paid less in taxes than he has acknowledged. He has probably taken advantage of all the loops and dodges in the tax code, piling trusts on top of trusts, securing wealth for Romneys yet unborn — gelt unto the third generation, little taxed, slightly taxed or taxed not at all. “Let me tell you about the very rich,” F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote. S'cuse me, Scotty, let me tell you about…

What Still Shocks Me About ObamaCare
Nat Hentoff, Cato Institute
Amid the huge response — both triumphant and agonized — to the Supreme Court’s preservation of Obamacare, I was surprised at how little attention was being paid to that law’s core purpose: to strongly control health care costs where government funding is involved, as it increasingly will be.What still shocks me about this law is the government’s interference with the doctor-patient relationship. Many government bureaucracies will not pay for doctor-prescribed treatments costing more than a predetermined figure. And none of these…

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