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Archive for July 3rd, 2012

John Roberts’ Alternate Universe

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on July 3rd, 2012 11:08 pm by HL

John Roberts’ Alternate Universe
Michael Gerson, Washington Post
WASHINGTON — The Simpsons on unpredictable judges:Marge: “Do you want your son to become chief justice of the Supreme Court, or a sleazy male stripper?”Homer: “Can't he be both, like the late Earl Warren?”Marge: “Earl Warren wasn't a stripper!”Homer: “Now who's being naïve.”Warren's actual vices tended more toward the ideological. Dwight Eisenhower came to regret the liberal activism of his choice for the Supreme Court, calling it the “biggest damned-fool mistake I ever made.” Other presidents must also have been…

Romney Puts “Sleeping Giant” Back to Sleep
Jay Bookman, Atlanta J-C
The Republican response to last week’s Supreme Court decision was something to see. Upon losing the constitutional argument, they refocused their outrage immediately, this time targeting the court’s ruling that the enforcement mechanism behind the health-insurance mandate is a tax.The synchronicity and speed of the shift were impressive to say the least. Within an hour or two of the ruling, the entire conservative movement had taken up the tax howl, and the raised voices chanting in unison instilled a confidence among many on the right that the ruling had…

ObamaCare’s Now a Bigger Mess
Michael Tanner, New York Post
If the new health care law wasn't enough of a mess before last week's Supreme Court decision, that ruling actually added another layer of cost, complexity and political contentiousness to the bill.By striking down part of the law that required states to expand their Medicaid programs, the court tossed a very hot potato into the laps of state lawmakers everywhere.