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Court Keeps Health Law on Life Support

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on June 29th, 2012 11:08 pm by HL

Court Keeps Health Law on Life Support
Scott Rasmussen, Rasmussen Rpts
The U.S. Supreme Court's decision that President Obama's health care law is constitutional keeps it alive for now. But it's important to remember that the law has already lost in the court of public opinion. The Supreme Court ruling is a temporary reprieve more than anything else.In March, I wrote that the health care law was doomed even if it survived the court. Looking at the data today, it's hard to draw any other conclusion.

The Court Helped Seal Obama’s Defeat
Joseph Curl, Washington Times
Traitor! Turncoat! Benedict Arnold! Those contemptuous epithets and more were hurled by Republicans and conservatives at Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. moments after he single-handedly saved Obamacare, joining liberals on the bench to break a 4-4 tie.The Supreme Court has abandoned us,” Texas Gov. Rick Perry declared. “Simply disappointing,” Florida Gov. Rick Scott moaned. “Activist court,” Rep. Michele Bachmann cried. 

SCOTUS Ruling Much More Than a Victory
Michael Moore, Huffington Post
Even though it's been a few hours now, I'm guessing you're still pinching yourself to make sure you're not dreaming. But yes, it happened. At 10:07 this morning, the conservative Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, John Roberts, not only joined with the liberal justices to completely uphold almost every single part of the Obama health care law, he wrote the majority opinion himself! In fact, he went even further. When he realized that the government had poorly made its constitutional case to the court, he went searching for a clause in their argument and the…

The Good Shall Triumph in the End
Al Sharpton, Huffington Post
By all accounts, Thursday was a momentous and notable day. The Supreme Court of the United States upheld President Obama's Affordable Care Act, thereby paving the way for millions of Americans to obtain insurance coverage, and millions of others to remain on their plans without fear of being kicked off for simply becoming ill. After decades of working to push for health care reform, progressives saw this President and his signature legislation become the literal law of the land.But June 28th will also be remembered unfortunately as the day when a sitting Attorney General of the United…

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