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Archive for June 12th, 2012

Why U.S. Needs Universal Health Care

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on June 12th, 2012 11:08 pm by HL

Why U.S. Needs Universal Health Care
Froma Harrop, Providence Journal
For now, let's drop the talk about wanting a liberal America or a conservative America. What we truly need is a modern America. No country can be modern spending twice what its rich competitors do on health care while leaving millions without any coverage.If the U.S. Supreme Court declares the essential “individual mandate” in the federal Affordable Care Act unconstitutional — or Republicans throw out the reforms — then it's back to the past, back to the economy-dragging health care mess we've been calling a “system.”Republicans say that Americans…

The War on Old Folks
Susan Douglas, In These Times
I’m sitting here feeling my bile rise as I eye the cover of the publication I most love to hate, AARP The Magazine. This one features Diane Keaton and promises to explain “How she stays forever young.” The featured tip? “Take risks – do things you can’t imagine!” Month in and month out, this rag features well-preserved, wealthy, beaming celebrities who suggest that aging can be defied, and also that it’s just one big blast. 

George W. Bush’s Legacy Still Hangs Over GOP
Michael Crowley, Time
George W. Bush is gone from Washington — and sometimes the city seems to have forgotten him. For all the passions that he inspired, the 43rd President’s legacy has been absent from the 2012 campaign. Mitt Romney’s dog and Barack Obama’s college girlfriends feel like larger presences in this election season than the President who invaded Iraq, bailed out the banks and slashed taxes.Bush’s legacy was strangely absent from the Republican primaries, his name almost never mentioned in the countless debates. Romney seems allergic to Bush’s…

Obama’s Right, Sound-Bite Duel Lacks Context