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Archive for June 10th, 2012

Bailing Out Banks, Not the Unemployed

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on June 10th, 2012 11:08 pm by HL

Bailing Out Banks, Not the Unemployed
Paul Krugman, New York Times
Oh, wow "” another bank bailout, this time in Spain. Who could have predicted that?The answer, of course, is everybody. In fact, the whole story is starting to feel like a comedy routine: yet again the economy slides, unemployment soars, banks get into trouble, governments rush to the rescue "” but somehow it's only the banks that get rescued, not the unemployed.

Government Cuts Would Hurt Economy
Greg Sargent, Washington Post
The big story out of Obama’s press conference today will be that he said that “the private sector is doing fine.” This choice of language does seem like a pretty serious misstep, and Republicans are salivating over the opportunity it has given them to portray the President as out of touch with people’s economic suffering.But at the same time, something else noteworthy happened at the presser, and it shouldn’t get lost in the discussion of Obama’s gaffe. He offered one of his most extensive cases yet for government spending as the…

Who’s Really Doing Fine: Big Government
James Pethokoukis, American
"The private sector is doing fine" "“ Barack Obama, June 8, 2012.There's a deeper issue here than just Obama being thoughtlessly glib about the slow-growth nature of the U.S. economic recovery. (In an earlier post, by the way, I highlighted some of the ways in which the private sector is most certainly not "doing fine.")The remark reveals the government-centered nature of Obama's thinking. He just doesn't give private enterprise very much thought, particularly when it comes to all the ways government can muck up the free…

Europe, Not ObamaCare, May Decide 2012
Dana Milbank, Washington Post
But if you really want to know who will win the White House in November, you should ask the Europeans. They aren’t eligible to vote, but they may well cast the deciding ballot — and for President Obama, it’s looking grim.I took a break from American politics to spend a week across the Atlantic, where I worked as a correspondent for the Wall Street Journal in the 1990s. This wasn’t an ideal time for a European holiday: Germany and France are warring, and smaller European states are taking sides — while England sleeps.

What Do Historians Think of Obama Now?
Edward Klein, FOX News
You're logged in as AccountWednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ETOn Air Now » Anchors and Reporters » Previous Slide Next Slide By Edward Klein, Edward KleinPublished June 08, 2012FoxNews.com2012 Getty ImagesOn the evening of Tuesday, June 30, 2009″"just five months into his administration”"Barack Obama invited a small group of presidential historians to dine with him in the Family Quarters of the White House. His chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, personally delivered the invitations with a word of caution: the meeting was to remain private and off…