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Archive for June 6th, 2012

Should Obama Be More Like LBJ?

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on June 6th, 2012 11:08 pm by HL

Should Obama Be More Like LBJ?
Kevin Drum, Mother Jones
I'm catching up on stuff that I missed while I was on vacation, and today I read the big New York Times piece on Barack Obama's terrorist “kill list.” I'll have more on that later "” I'm still digesting it at the moment "” but in the meantime one sentence of the story caught my attention for an entirely unrelated reason:When the administration floated a plan to transfer from Guantánamo to Northern Virginia two Uighurs, members of a largely Muslim ethnic minority from China who are considered no threat to the United States,…

Walker-Barrett II a Replay of the Original
Craig Gilbert, Milwaukee J-S
In the end, after all the ground-breaking rancor and searing conflict and mind-boggling money and crushing attention, Scott Walker’s 2012 victory for governor looked a lot like his 2010 victory for governor. Just as he did against Democrat Tom Barrett in 2010: Walker won men and lost women. He lost voters under 30 and won every other age group. 

Three Takeaways From the Recall Vote
Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics
The Democrats' attempt to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker came to an end Tuesday night, as the incumbent increased his victory margin beyond his five-point 2010 win over Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. There are three important takeaways from this:1) The results don't tell us much about 2012 . . . Basically, this spin from progressive sites right now has some truth to it (except that this is somehow good news for President Obama). This is a special election, held in June, to recall a governor. Special elections have notoriously poor track records predicting general election…

Red Flags All Over for Obama in Wisconsin
Josh Kraushaar, National Jrnl
President Obama wasn't on the ballot in Wisconsin, but Gov. Scott Walker's decisive victory in last night's gubernatorial recall is a stinging blow to his prospects for a second term.  The re-election was a telltale sign that the conservative base is as energized as ever, that the Democratic GOTV efforts may not be as stellar as advertised, and that the Democratic-leaning “blue wall” Rust Belt states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania will be very much in play this November.

Wisconsin Changes the Game