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Archive for April 25th, 2012

Don’t Blame the 1% for America’s Pay Gap

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on April 25th, 2012 11:08 pm by HL

Don’t Blame the 1% for America’s Pay Gap
Nina Easton, Fortune
What if I told you that there was a group of hard-driving workaholics who tend to have advanced degrees and bring a level of talent and skill to their jobs that attracts premium pay in the global economy? Scholars have found that this group is more likely than much of the population to raise their children in two-parent homes.You might think this was a group people would admire, even emulate, right? Not so. For this is the much-maligned 1%, whose media infamy via the Occupy Wall Street protests, followed by President Obama's populist reelection message, is now firmly embedded in the…

Romney’s Etch-a-Sketch Campaign Begins
Jonathan Chait, NY Magazine
Two constituencies that President Obama is holding onto about as strongly now as he did four years ago are voters under 30 and Latinos. In what is probably not a coincidence, these two constituencies are the targets for the first two major Mitt Romney Etch A Sketch pivots of the general election. After having repeatedly denounced any need for the federal government to subsidize tuition costs during the primary, Romney has now endorsed Obama's call for extending lower rates for federally-subsidized loans. Romney says he supports the measures "in part because of the…

Economy’s So Bad We Need Fence to Keep Mexicans In
Charles Hurt, WT
Well, that’s one way to stem the tide of illegal aliens streaming across the border from Mexico.Jack up unemployment rates to near double digits, dunk America into a double-dip recession and put us so deeply into hock with the Chinese communists that it will take generations for us to recover.After long enough, living and working and trying to eke out bare survival in America becomes even worse than trying to get by in Mexico. 

Why Romney Should Avoid Picking Marco Rubio
John Dickerson, Slate
Marco Rubio is this year’s Sarah Palin. As a possible vice presidential pick, he is popular with the grassroots. He is an envoy to a key part of the electorate and has crossover political appeal. He has successfully bucked his party establishment, and those who have seen him work say he’s skilled. He’s an easy and talented campaigner, and he’d wow them in Tampa the way Palin did in Denver. He is also fundamentally at odds with his potential running mate’s message and criteria for his vice president.

Obama Doesn’t Lead, He Only Campaigns
Michael Goodwin, New York Post
President Obama, we are assured, is “apoplectic” and “furious” over the scandal at the General Services Administration. David Axelrod says so.How does Axelrod know? The answer illustrates the collapse of governing at the Obama White House.Axelrod does not work for the United States in any capacity. He is Obama’s campaign strategist. He does not work in Washington. He lives and works in Chicago, headquarters of the Obama campaign.