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Gingrich Makes Big Push in South Carolina

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on December 5th, 2011 5:39 am by HL

Gingrich Makes Big Push in South Carolina
Newt Gingrich “is working more aggressively than any of his competitors to organize activists and volunteers” ahead of the Jan. 21 South Carolina primary, “essentially pinning his candidacy on a state filled with Christian conservatives,” the AP reports.

“His chief rival, Mitt Romney, is approaching South Carolina tentatively. He invested huge sums in the state in the 2008 presidential race only to bail just days before the vote when it became clear he would lose big to Arizona Sen. John McCain. Many voters couldn’t overlook their skepticism of Romney’s Mormon faith and his reversals on some cultural issues.”

New York Times: “If neither candidate succeeds in knocking out the other in the burst of early tests in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida, Mr. Gingrich could be faced with the ultimate challenge to his campaign: the need to survive a war of attrition of the sort for which he is unprepared at the moment.”

Gingrich On Air in Iowa
Newt Gingrich is set to run his first ad in Iowa, a 60-second upbeat spot talking direct to the camera.

The Des Moines Register notes it’s just the beginning of a series of ads for Gingrich.

Trump Won’t Rule Out Independent Bid
The Wall Street Journal reports that as much as Donald Trump “relishes his role as Republican kingmaker, he won’t close the door on his own independent presidential bid once the next season of his reality TV show, The Celebrity Apprentice, wraps up on NBC next spring — a prospect that could spell doom for the eventual GOP nominee.”

Said Trump: “I absolutely have another bite. If the economy continues to be bad and if the Republicans choose the wrong person, I would do it.”

Meanwhile, USA Today notes Newt Gingrich will visit with Trump in New York City today.

Expect to hear a lot from Trump this week; he’s got a new book out.

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