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Trump Now His Own Worst Punchline

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on April 30th, 2011 4:31 am by HL

Trump Now His Own Worst Punchline
Scot Lehigh, Boston Globe
What a sad day Wednesday must have been for the collection of kooks who have made birtherism their consuming cause. Just think: All your cockamamie cobwebs of conspiracy swept away in one quick stroke when the White House released the president’s long-form birth certificate.Yet perhaps all is not lost in Cloud Crazy Land. Like the 9/11 Truthers, the left-wing and libertarian nuts who think the Bush administration was complicit in the attack on the World Trade Center, the birthers have clung tenaciously to their beliefs. Cite the various news or fact-checking organizations that have…

The Keystone to Obama’s Re-election
Tom Bevan, RealClearPolitics
If you're looking for ways to boil the 2012 Presidential race down to its simplest form, here's one of the easiest: it's nearly impossible to envision any way Barack Obama can win re-election next year if he loses Pennsylvania. No Keystone State, no second term. It really is that simple.As of right now, things are looking dicey for the President in Pennsylvania. Two weeks ago, the Democratic polling firm PPP released a survey showing the President's job approval rating at just 42% among Pennsylvania voters. Receive news alertsYesterday, Quinnipiac University confirmed…

Democrats Form Independent Spending Groups for 2012

Obama’s Silence on Boeing Is Unacceptable
Gov. Nikki Haley, WSJ
In October 2009, Boeing, long one of the best corporations in America, made an announcement that changed the economic outlook of South Carolina forever: The company's second line of 787 Dreamliners would be produced in North Charleston.In choosing to manufacture in my state, Boeing was exercising its right as a free enterprise in a free nation to conduct business wherever it believed would best serve both the bottom line and the employees of its company. This is not a novel or complicated idea. It's called capitalism.

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